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New buyer confused. How can I explain?

New buyer confused when I share about the premium service which is above my package price. How can I explain the custom offer premium service so that buyer can’t be confuse?


Clarification, please:

A buyer bought your basic or middle service, and expects what is in your premium?
Is that correct?

If so, you can offer those services in a gig extra, so that they can pay the difference.

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No, a buyer came to me and looking for a premium logo design service, as you know quality needs time and value. My biggest package was 90$. It’s a branding package. He needs only logo but premium quality. I offers him 200$ he agreed 120$ but in middle we have to negotiate 2-3 hours and he discussed about his idea etc. In that 3 hour period some times I thought the buyer will go away. My biggest concern is if we offer a service to buyer which is expensive then my premium package, Is it ok?
And how to deal with that kind of moment when we offer more. And how to express them how to talk with buyer when they give us a premium work that cost them more then our package has?
I hope you answer that question.

I get you. The prices on your gig packages are just for advertisement. You can go lower than that - not lower than $5 which is Fiverr’s standard price - or you can go higher up to the limit that your custom order can take, provided the buyer is willing to pay.

You have room for negotiation with your buyer.

Fiverr doesn’t care about price negotiations between a buyer and a seller provided they are both comfortable with it.

When you agree on a price higher than your premium gig, you send them custom offer. Under the customer offer, you have the opportunity to choose a suitable time, price, and the number of revisions to complete the project

To create a custom offer, look down on the tool bar in the inbox page where you are talking with the buyer, you will see the ‘‘create offer’’ bar. Click on it and it will take you to the offer page. Follow the steps and you are good to go.

I hope this helps. Keep offering good services.


just try to convince that you want to send him/her a custom.

it may be “Could I send you a custom offer ??”

I am a seller and I’m confused with your pricing.

So in your premium package you offer premium quality for logo with a branding package. But for this client you decided to charge 200$ just for a logo itself without branding package.
Or do you want to say that even in your premium package you don’t provide quality work?

I’m super confused and it doesn’t make sense to me. And I also work with logos and branding.

Edit: but of course what quality we are talking about if you are using clip art in your logos :thinking:


just try to convince that you want to send him/her a custom.

it may be “Could I send you a custom offer ??”

Thank you very much for your opinion!

Thanks for your opinion! I can charge any amount I want in a custom offer for a single logo, If I can convince the buyer. Fiverr has a option for this.
In every package I deliver quality work. But the difference is how long you put your effort on it.
I hope quality designers can understand my point.
Thank you .

Explain his need with some easy points


So explain to the buyer the difference(s) between their offer and what they would get in the premium package. eg. if that’s the amount of time put into it. Ideally what you put in the offer text should allow them to know why the service is different to any of the packages you offer/what is normally offered in the gig.

As long as they are getting something different than they would if they bought one of your packages. eg. the rules say you’re not allowed to:

Raise the price of your Gig service in personal messages before or after purchase.

Bait-and-switch marketing is not acceptable.

so it has to be something different than what they could get through the packages/the gig directly.


Well then, convince your buyer that your premium logo is really worth more than your premium package (premium logo plus full branding). Explain to them what is it, exactly, in this logo that’s really worth that much.


yes you got my point

You can. But you came here asking how to explain to your customer the value so he wouldn’t be confused. and we are telling you that you yourself can not explain the value that your client will get so of course they will be confused on why they have to pay more for less.

what “quality” designers are you referring to?

I’ll tell you again that using clip art for logos is not allowed. (if that’s the quality you are referring to) you are breaking rules. If you can’t draw with watercolours then don’t offer that service.


The clip art you are seeing is provided by the buyer. I am very disappointed for the response I am getting. This picture you are posted here is not related to this topic. For some people things are getting herder here to solve and discuss about the problem we are facing as a seller !!
I feel very sad for this!!

well, I’m really sorry that you got caught using clip art. How about other logos in that gig, they also all clients sent you a clip art to use on their logos. Or how about your gig photos that didn’t have clients?

Anyways, you came here asking how you can convince your client to pay more when they get less value and you got your answer. However keep in mind that you can not bait and switch. which means that you can not advertise one thing in your gig and then change your price to another one. (and that’s what you are doing. unless of course if you are going to offer him something fantastically different from your gigs, but for now what you are offering him is covered in all your gig packages.


Thank you for your kind attention!