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New Buyer Experience

I took an order from a buyer then he said that He did not have any image and content but I had to design the site as the same images, contents and videos which he referred

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You may provide him a demo website per his industries.


so what is the problem?


Hello, since you design websites realize this probably will be common. You can simply add lorem ipsum placeholder language where there would be content, and use a sample photo.


I had to provide images, contents and video. it was hard to collect and designed

Yes sir. I speak in English

You can used placeholder image and dummy text.

So are you saying that it was difficult for you to provide the service that you are offering in your gigs?


Yes. Because I had to collected the contents ,images and videos the same according to his referred

Content is always an issue.

Make sure you say in your gig description that if the buyer doesn’t supply content / images, you will create the design with latin placeholder text and stock images.

You can offer to direct this type of buyer to a content writer … or even team up with a content writer you know will do a good job. Then you can offer content writing as an extra with a charge per page.


Thank you for your significant information.