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New buyer feedback box. Pay attention to it


When buyers rate a gig, they have a box where they can put comments in that the sellers can’t see. These comments, apparently, go through to Customer Support.

I have received an account warning today because somebody put “faster delivery” in the box “Where can this seller improve?”. This resulted in Fiverr looking at the gig, picking out something, and warning me for it.

I know we can’t really do anything about what the buyer puts in the box. However, try to be vigilant about what you say in gigs now. I was banned for something like:

“Sorry. I couldn’t upload. Blame Fiverr. Not me”

Because the site was down or it kept timing out or something when I pressed the ‘send’ button. I ended up with an account warning for manipulation.

This is a long term buyer too. I think he has placed over 30 orders with me, and has placed 2 since he left that comment. So, it is not like he was mad at me. He just wanted me to start doing speedier deliveries (note: the gig was not even late)

Be aware sellers. Be aware.


there’s already a discussion about it here:

but it’s really interesting Fiverr responded to you.

May I ask how you know what the buyer wrote on that form?

And did fiverr message you, did you get a notification? Do you have a screenshot of that instance?


Customer support did not tell me what he wrote in that box. The customer, who I have been working for since 2014/2015 told me. He said Fiverr asked “what can the seller do to improve their services in the future”. The client put “faster deliveries”. That is it. He was not trying to harm me at all, which is irritating. Yet, I end up with a warning and a note saying that I may be banned as this is my second warning on the site.

I have no control over what buyers put in that box. This means I am not going to communicate with people any more. I am going to make deliveries and put “any problems, let me know”. That is it.

The first I heard that the client had left a message was yesterday when I received the account warning. Customer support refused to tell me which order it was, but I could tell pretty quickly as they gave me a rough indication about the words used. I only know what the client said because I asked them directly and I trust him not to lie.


Yes, was about to type there have been posts on that private review before and I can’t imagine them going through gigs at random. But something else - you say ‘the customer said’ … Does that mean they said it on their own account, or did you ask them? If you asked I don’t think that’s a good idea, better not in future. Remember the ‘solicit feedback removal’ bit, I’d suppose they’d take that in the same vein.


I asked the client if they had reported me because the ‘account warning’ was tied to their gig. The customer then brought up that the only time they have ever said something ‘negative’ about me was when they wrote in a box “faster deliveries”. He was the one that brought it up. I didn’t even know a little box existed. I certainly would not have expected Fiverr to pay attention to it. However, if something like “faster deliveries” catches their eye, then I am going to assume that they go through every single box because it is not a stand-out by any stretch of the imagination.

They would be receiving thousands of these notes a day. Seems a bit pointless and a waste of their time because nothing really improves, particularly if you do not tell the seller why they are being warned in the first place.

I guess they are looking to clean up the sellers a bit…

The annoying thing for me at the moment is that I do not know whether I am going to be banned or not. I have tons of orders in my queue that I could work on. But is there any real point in working on them if the funds are going to get locked for 90 days? I could do something a bit more fun with my time.


It’s the point system that is having an affect on specifically you @ryangillam

In US, your driver’s license in based on a point system, the more infraction you have the more points are deducted, after a while a simple non-moving violation could land you in being your driver’s license being suspended.

So you must have gather enough negative points where the system raises flags more QUICKLY on smaller activities against your account.

And they are not looking at your account NOT with a :mag_right: magnifying glass, BUT with a microscope… :microscope:

If you haven’t already, you SHOULD be clearing out all your funds continuously now.


The private feedback with screenshots


Woah BANNED? For not delivering fast enough? Seriously?


Yes I can imagine you asked, but never mind the reason you asked, I don’t think the asking in itself is appreciated.

Taking an off-fiverr example, easier to see it more objective then. Imagine someone buys something on Azon, leaves a bad review (don’t remember if they have an ‘internal review’ but let’s assume they have), the seller gets an account warning. The seller asks the buyer if they opened a ticket /complained /left a bad review. Nevermind what the sellers intention, if they wanted to ask the buyer if there was anything they could do better next time or whatever really, I don’t think the very asking the buyer that, won’t be appreciated by Azon and maybe not by the buyer also, depending on the buyer, they even might contact Azon again to complain about the seller asking them that.
That’s not to mean I don’t understand you asked, just wanted to leave it here for your consideration.


I looked. This is only my second account warning ever. I received 2 five months ago. The warnings were:

  1. For not delivering a free article when promised. I delivered within 2 minutes of being reminded.
  2. For offering a free article in the first place.

The first warning (and apparently I missed it) was removed. The second warning remained for ‘bribery’. Note: it was a sample article. The client didn’t even place an order with me. He just wanted a sample, and then apparently reported me to customer support when I didn’t (if I remember correctly)

I have no major issues with anything, and I have asked customer support whenever I have an issue with a client, and they state that my account is in good standing. I typed “warning” into the ticket search system, and I have only sent 4 tickets or something about warnings, 2 were removed as they were mistakes. They meant to warn the buyer instead. The other was the one I mentioned above, and then this new one.

I am going to be cleaning out my funds reguarly now. Just annoying that I have $300 or something to be withdrawn in 15 days. I really need that money, so if I get banned, I am fucked.


No. The ban warning was not for delivering slowly. They just looked at my gig based on that comment. The ban warning was because I couldn’t attach files and I blamed Fiverr. I said “don’t blame me. Blame Fiverr” as their site kept timing out on me.


I was just miffed as to why the client would complain to customer support and continue to get in touch with me. I wanted to know what the issue was. I see your point, but yeah.


Just a heads up, I had a client who messaged Fiverr Support to change their review which is COMPLETELY against Fiverr’s TOS.
The client changed it to 5-stars - NOT through the modify feedback form, but by messaging Fiverr.
Whoever the Support Member was that helped the client is still violating TOS.

Oh okay that makes sense lol


Yes, totally get that.


Fiverr will change feedback in extreme circumstances which, loosely translates to, “if we want to”.

I have a client who accidentally cancelled an order when it was late (he knew he would go late before he placed the order). He thought he was cancelling a different order.

He got in touch with customer support. They said he could not have the feedback removed at all. He didn’t want it there. It was a complete accident. Yet, customer support said it had to remain.


@ryangillam They must really have it in for you.


I think it depends on who you get. The newer people stick to the rules perfectly. If you get one of the older staff members, they are more likely to look at the situation ‘as a whole’. The problem is, once a ticket is sent in now, anything related to that order will always be assigned to the same staff member. You can’t send a new ticket and hope to get somebody better to look at it. Massive change from before. Now they appear to have high number of customer support agents. I am going to assume that they just outsource most of it now and just have a couple of permanent customer support agents.


That’s a shame if the same person sticks to it. I’ve had some times when it took three people looking at a situation before the third one really took the time to understand it and fix it. Namely that app that gives sellers 4.3 or 4.7 stars when the buyer tried to leave 5.


Same. I once had a client who asked for free content or he would leave negative feedback. Took 3 customer service agents to understand that this was wrong.

Now, it is likely that the feedback would never be removed at all. I have a client that I delivered content to yesterday. I delivered the content and he said he made a mistake in the title and wanted a new article. My choice was to cancel or give him the article (Which would take 5 minutes max). If I didn’t cancel or give him an article, he would leave negative and it couldn’t be removed as it is meant to be a reflection of the customer’s experience.


The one I had recently who wanted a refund as soon as she got her perfect delivery because she “changed her mind”, I told her that the new rule was we can never give a refund at all once feedback was left. She didn’t leave it.