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New Buyer for id recovery

Hello I am a new Seller
A buyer contacted me last night to recover his Gmail id he has forgotten the password and also of recovery email. Well, I accepted the order as I am also a cybersecurity expert that’s why I accepted the order but in the morning he messaged me that My id is recovered by Gmail thanks for your time.
Now he wants his payment back and if he cancelled the order it will cause a negative impact on my profile anybody has better Idea or suggestion.

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Contact CS, they will help you in this case. They can cancel the order without affecting the rating or anything, just tell them everything.

thank you i will try

Even mutual cancellation can affect your gig rankings. But in this case you can do nothing. The best solution is contacting CS. But there is no any other choice than cancellation.

If you forgot your password, you can easily recover it within few minutes. I think there is no need of expert!
Good luck!

yes i contacted them but no response till now but thank you

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Check fiverr TOS … And remove that gig as soon as possible otherwise you will face problem …