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New Buyer Having Trouble

I have been trying to get some very simple marketing materials produced for my company. We are a 200 person marketing technology company and I head up our partner / channel alliances efforts. We presently have a gap between what I need from marketing, and their ability to produce, as we are growing like crazy. A friend advised me to try out Fiverr to help fill in the void, so I did. My experience thus far has been miserable.

  1. I made my first purchase by selecting an ad that I thought looked good, paid the $75, and waited for 4 days and heard NOTHING. Finally cancelled the order and put the same job out to bid.

  2. The person I selected to do the job through the bid was very professional, and was asking all the right questions, then when it came time to deliver, she just vanished. I mean complete radio silence. SO, I had to cancel that and went back to square 1.

  3. I went through the entire process again and this time selected a seller from Pakistan. His English was a little broken, but not so bad as to inhibit the necessary communication. I sent over all of the files and graphics necessary to produce the infographic, but the product he returned was a joke. On top of that, it felt like I was talking to a different person through the production process. This persons english either got terrible over night, or it was someone else entirely. They couldn’t understand even very basic instructions.

They literally took the creative copy that I wanted included in the doc, and cut and past the entire thing int the document, including the words “Copy” at the top.

I need a professional who can take the existing style and branding guidelines we have as an organization, and make these PDF marketing leave behinds look like they were created by our marketing team. It doesn’t have to be exact, but it has to be close enough to pass the smell test.

So frustrated.
Any suggestions?

Wow, three in a row is really bad!

Going through buyer requests gets a VERY mixed bag of results. I don’t use it as a buyer any more, too much rubbish, people not reading the requirement and then, as I am a seller, they can message me directly too when they don’t get the job (“please give me job”, “why didnt you give me the job” etc)

Use the search option and the filters to only show level 2 and TRS sellers. I don’t usually exclude new and level 1 sellers but by doing this you will be left with sellers who have extensive portfolios and as you are looking for something relatively specific it should help.
I can commend someone who has done work for me if you send me a message but please check their portfolio and contact them first, don’t just take my word for them. I may have got them on a very good day or you may get them on a bad day!

Have you tried making a “buyer’s request”? That is where your request will be exposed to all the sellers in the skill you’re seeking. Then once a seller submits an offer make sure to message he/she a few times to gauge how they handle business correspondence. This way you can test out how your communication will go once you’ve purchased.

Now, as for the phantom seller who vanished I’m sorry, but I can’t help you on that aspect of your question, as I’m still new here myself. I just wanted to suggest that you go through the buyer section to promote EXACTLY what you’re looking for and even upload a document that has the full description because the buyer’s section allows I believe only 200 words for description.

I wish you the best of luck. I’m sorry I couldn’t be of more help. :slight_smile:

  • Baddison

I must’ve posted at the same time as @eoinfinnegan and just read what he said, so forget what I said about the “buyer’s request” section. I didn’t know that it was that non-user-friendly for buyers. He’s a level 2 seller and would know better than I would about going that route.

I agree about filtering out what you need in a skill and READ the reviews. Don’t just read the generic “outstanding experience” reviews. Read the ones with more details involved.

Again, good luck!

You’ve had unusually bad luck. I personally haven’t found that filtering by level 2 and TRS sellers will help as Fiverr’s system of levels is more based on quantity rather than quality (as long as the seller isn’t awful!)
I have always found that ordering a small $5 gig first will give you a feel for the seller. You may end up ordering a few before you find someone you’re happy & confident to work with on bigger items. You should also read some of their reviews. Look for ones that don’t just say ‘outstanding experience’ but tell you a little about the job the seller did as they are more likely to be an indicator that the seller went beyond the remit to deliver.

When I was looking for a graphics person, I did a $5 job and gave it to 5 separate sellers, with exactly the same instructions. I found that worked well to help me find someone who would a) read a brief b) had good communication and understood what I wanted and c) see who I clicked with and could follow the instructions to give me something I would be happy to progress further with. I explained to them all this was a draft, so I could decide who I wanted to work with to do the full brand development.

Through that process, I found one fantastic seller, 1 good seller, 1 OK seller, 1 very ordinary seller and 1 terrible seller - one was a TRS, the others were a mixture of old and new - the fantastic seller was reasonably new.

There are thousands and thousands of designers, so it is a bit hard to get someone you’ll like working with and who gets your style straight away. I’ve found it tricky to get designers to follow a style guide here and on other freelance sites, so when you find someone, stick with them! It might just take a few tries to find that person, but I’m sure you’ll get there :slight_smile: