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New buyer left 4.4 stars because didn't greet before delivery

I’ve been on fiverr so many years today my first time encountered a new buyer who gave me 4.4 stars because of I didn’t greet her before delivery.

I explained to her but she refused to listen.
She didn’t ask any enquires to my inbox before or after & in the Order Requirements page. So normally I just do the job and delivery as usual.

I fast deliver to her within 24 hours without extra charges, and the artwork is perfect no any modifications needed.

fiverr really really need to educate new buyer how to leave a review because of their new level up game and ratings system very easy to affect Seller, especially TRS to keep at 4.8.

Kinda pissed me off.


This is probably the biggest non-issue of the decade. Are you claiming that a buyer can’t decide for any reason to lower the score slightly just because you don’t want them to?

If you get 20 reviews in 60 days, a 4.4 will turn it from a 5.0 to a 4.9. Most buyers will plop down a full 5 stars anyway, so this isn’t an issue. A 4.4 is fine, and arguing with the client over an otherwise good review score will either get you banned from the site or have the client change their review from a 4.4 to a 1.


Yes, that’s why I didn’t want to argue about it anymore, but I wanted to explained to her since she’s new to fiverr about the greet before delivery things, so she won’t expect another seller to do the same next time.

Overtime you will get to 5 stars. Don’t worry about it!


Why not? Maybe it would be nice to receive a ‘thank you for your order’ message. When you’re spending money, it’s always nice to feel appreciated, even if it’s just a wee ‘hello’ as you enter a shop.

She may have done you a favour in the long run! :wink:

Added - Happy Birthday! :tada:


She’s a TRS with a 5 star overall rating already. :slight_smile:


Thank You! 20 chars.

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Please - if you’re going to promote your profile or gig, do it in ‘My Fiverr Gigs’ - thank you! :sunny:

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Hi. What did you mean by “I didn’t greet”?
Like, you didn’t say “Hello” or something or what?

Yes, you are right.
The buyer didn’t actually message me before ordering, she fulfil all the order requirement then I start her order and fst deliver within the same day. In my delivery I actually did say Hi (quick response), end up she said I didn’t say hi to her and goals me a 4.2 star for Seller Communication while ratings. First time happened all these years, maybe she’s new.

Even If you contacted CS, they won’t do anything, so don’t bother your self and keep going making orders with 5 stars until this review be not counted anymore

I had a similar experience several months ago, but I had the buyer give me one star for communication. The buyer messaged me to tell me she was not happy that I did not acknowledge her order even though it was a 24-hour turnaround and I delivered on time. the buyer said they loved my work.

It made me angry. Because I am also a buyer, I knew my buyer had received a notification from Fiverr about the order starting.

After stewing about it for a couple of days I realized two things:

  1. This was an isolated incident. I had never had it happen before in 3+ years on the platofrm
  2. I could easily prevent this from ever happening by using a quick response. I created my own because I didn’t like the template Fiverr gave us.

I understand your frustration. I agree that the review was silly. Hopefully, you don’t have that experience again, especially since reviews matter so much over a 60-day period.

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I understand you are agitated but you are a TRS.

You should set up a “quick response” that simply says hi, thank you for purchasing, everything looks great. Keep you posted. That sort of thing.

Same exact thing happened to me once when I was lvl2.

Wanna Know what I did?

I started sending out a canned response on each new order.

Takes 12 seconds more per order, makes a world of difference to the buyer, especially those who trusted you with their project without contacting you first.


Most of the time my buyer order my gig while I was sleeping, so I unable to instantly greet them except fiverr bring in auto reply bot feature, else wait the next morning I greet them but they will still consider I lack of communication, not saying the time I greet them the next day I can deliver their order.

Oh initially you seemed like you got it.

But then you lost it again.

Buyers don’t need for you to answer the second they place an order.

Anyway, you can change how you do business, or not.

You alreay know the outcome of what you are doing now.

So changing may be an improvement.


I will set a new Quick Response for that now, I appreciated your suggestion.

I totally agree with you, Frank!

I still can’t understand something… is it that difficult to say “hi” and “thank you” to anyone even if he/ she is not a client?

It’s not difficult in the sense you are using.

But sometimes when you have 12 open orders and 9 unread messages in your inbox and you are all over the place, it is sometimes really hard to maintain composure or to try and communicate properly.

Some sellers want effeciency, like “you place an order, I deliver, we’re done.”

And they are forgetting the fact that they are dealing with fellow human beings and that they are in the service business.

That’s what I was trying to help @chrisdata remember.


Customer service is a huge part of working on fiverr. It is just as important as the work you are doing for the client.