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New buyer not sure what to buy exactly

I’m pretty sure a $5 gig isnt going to get me much so I’m wondering which options I will need in the package for my requirements. I basically need a logo designed and would also like a business card design to compliment the logo. I would also require a copy of the logo that i can edit for the future and use it on a future website.
So do I need high res, png, jpeg? Source files?(what are they?)
I wouldnt be on fiverr if I knew about any of this stuff so yah.

Don’t spend money unless you want to. Research what you want until you know what you want.

“I wouldnt be on fiverr if I new about any of this stuff so yah.”

ugh so you just want free advice then a PERFECT $5 whatever it is you want that you don’t know you want? Run away, child. Or let the idiot you seek find you.

Not sure what your problem is. I was not meaning to be rude nor did I mean I only want to spend $5. You obviously don’t understand English. If this is the type of community fiverr has COUNT ME OUT! I’ll spend my money elsewhere… The nerve of some people…

Hey there sparkydude, @emmaki is just very straightforward… She does understand English very well though. Perhaps you two just had a misunderstanding on what points you wanted to explain. The Fiverr Community is filled with people of different personalities, backgrounds, attitudes just like any other group with members from all around the world :slight_smile:

Anyhow, I’ve purchased a lot of logo gigs on Fiverr. So I might have some ideas that would help you out. :smiley:

  • $5 usually just gets you a .jpg/.png file of the logo. This is just (basically) a picture of that logo.
  • You might need high res files if you want to put this on cover pages on reports or letterheads or if you just really don’t want to feel limited by the pixels found on the basic offer.
  • The source file is the original file of your logo which you can keep if you want your logo modified in the future.
  • You will need a favicon which you can use on your future website, this basically is a “website” icon or that icon you see at the url of a site.
  • As for specific prices, I cannot give you a definite amount as sellers here have their own prices and these prices differ from seller to seller. But higher prices offered usually contain higher resolution, premium service, unlimited revisions, different versions and the source file… There are also sellers who offer to make your business card along with your logo. But if you want another seller to do your business card once your logo is done, you may want to purchase the source file from the seller who did the logo so it can be used for your business card.
    -Again, the perks found on higher priced gigs may differ from seller to seller so you may want to read their gig description on what they offer for this amount. And some sellers even have packages to make it easier for you to purchase :slight_smile:

Please feel free to browse through the logo services here on Fiverr. You can utilize the search bar or post a buyer request (if you want sellers to come to you)

Be really careful when you purchase gigs and certainly just purchase from sellers you feel will fit your needs, you can check their reviews or samples/portfolio found in their gig – sometimes this may be a trial and error thing as liking the design of a logo is really a subjective process

I hope this helps and I hope you enjoy Fiverr! It’s actually really awesome… with the occasional issues here and there, but it’s generally really fun. :slight_smile:

@sparkydude, I was quoting you. That quote was insulting. You have done no research, yet you dismissively summarize that someone here will. Well, you got that but had a fit first. If nothing else, any good seller who’s on the forum sees your true colors.

I’m not offended, you’re just not a good buyer. You don’t even know what a source file is when the internet and Google is out there ************ to tell you. You shouldn’t even be looking to hire if you don’t even know what you want. I’m sorry my inelegant English isn’t quite up to your incredibly high standards, but I can tell you one thing–you’re gonna fail unless you ship-shape-sharp your own attitude right now. Oh wait, someone upset you so you’re out?

Ship’s sunk and you’re still protesting. Did you know that back in the days when seafarers sailed the seas and sometimes it all went wrong, ship went down etc, that the sharks would circle?

Well, one little known factoid is that sh*t seaboys would be the first kicked in the direction of the circling sharks. Something to ponder there, mate.

Or at least don’t write “I wouldnt be on fiverr if I new about any of this stuff so yah.”

Sharks circle, humans drown. I bark. You’ll learn the difference soon enough I suppose.

And if you can escape your ego for one second, that’s the best advice you’ve heard at this point in your life. Do some ************ research and don’t ask for knowledge while looking down your nose at the people you do seek it from–or at least, check your d**n words first.

Or flounce again.

If you do not know what some of the terms mean or if you are unsure what to order then just ask the seller.
A good seller will give you the advice that you are after and he would be able to explain the difference between file types and what they are used for.

In short a logo in png and jpeg format (if in high res) can be used for almost everything. If you would like a large scale image you would need the source file (if the source file is a vector file). Vector files can be scaled to any proportion without loss of image quality. Jpeg en png are pixel based images and they loose image quality when enlarged.

I would advise high res jpg and png files for digital usage such as websites and email signatures. And source files (Adobe Illustrator vector eps) for print usage.



You are crapping all over this thread just to let off some steam you probably have bottle up on a personal level. If I hire an electrician to do work for me, I dont go research electrics…
You really have issues to deal with and nobody needs to hear you rant on the internet. Maybe have a glass of wine and relax a little bit.

Again nobody cares about your opinion. Have a glass of wine and settle down child.

You didn’t respond to maarten. Respond to him! He was nice!

And yes I know absolutely nothing about graphic design, hence why Im here on this website in search of a designer…
Are you some kind of designer website troll?

Thank you fiverr troll I will do so after my blood stops boiling. Was this not your plan? Is this your life? Crapping on newby threads??

Love that you edited this post. really classy of you…

Don’t take it so personally. Newbie, btw. Why don’t you address what I said instead of something about not researching who you hire (again…) and boiling blood?

What exactly would you like me to address? You have addressed a lot in this thread.

Some of these points are being filtered where they may cross forum rule lines. On the other hand, it’s a public forum and people are allowed to express opinions even if controversial. That includes your own.

You have to remember that when you post on a public forum, you’ll get all kinds of replies from all kinds of people. Ignore the ones you dislike and take use of ones you do like.

The thread has some useful information so it’s still here, though in Conversations where it belongs. If need be, it will be closed to new replies by anyone to avoid further argument. Good luck on Fiverr, regardless.

So pick something and address it. The overarching theme might be nice. Or–you could ignore me and answer the nice people who have ignored some of what you’ve said instead of indulging me with all your attention.

Trust me, you might not like me, but my advice is solid, despite half of it being **** right now. Don’t ask for advice when you fully admit you know jack, and then basically do a potty over people who work here. Go Google, come back, be polite and ask questions without being how you have.

Did you know “sparky” is UK English for an electrician? I mean, holes everywhere for me to plug into really.


Troll xxx

Did you know that triple-x’s make an automatic ***? I just found out.

How did you comprehend that my budget is only $5??? When did I say that I only want to spend $5?? If you cannot understand the English language then do not reply!
When I search for logo design on fiverr the 5-7 dollar price point shows up on most sellers ads. This is confusing to anyone who does not understand the costs of design. I was merely stating that I know $5 is just a hook and not going to get me anything of quality.

Help yourself and others will help you.