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New Buyer notification, kinda annoyed

So now we get new email & notification for fiverr if a NEW buyer purchased a new order.
I think this is unnecessary for a seller to get notified, at least no email/app notification just for that, kinda annoying.

C’mon fiverr, do not put so much work for your seller, we have enough stress already.
It’s your responsibility to make things clear for a buyer.


Are there sellers who need to be told these things?

It’s for mek-sells.

I’ll answer my own question: yes there are. More and more all the time.

This notification should really read:

Hi Chrisdata,

This is XYZ’s first purchase on Fiverr! (That we know of since our signup, rating, and payment system is so easy to abuse.) Create a great first impression and you might get a fantastic rating ratings and new order surge!

In the meantime, please find attached a complimentary box of severed crossed fingers.


The People Passing Their Flawed UI and Security Problems on to You

I don’t know about anyone else, but I avoid new buyers who can’t explain what they want like the plague.

Really, Fiverr should incorporate a much more thorough onboarding process for new buyers. Namely one which explains the importance of reading gig descriptions, reaching out to sellers in advance of ordering, and making sure they select the right gig package/service that they actually require.


Some are simply not teachable.

I saw that on a client of mine I’ve been working with since LAST YEAR! This was NOT his first time on Fiverr… so I find these emails fairly irrelevant, as much of the things Fiverr is doing these days to keep us sellers to continue towing the line.

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The funny part was I replied the buyer on after like 15mins my iPhone and email only received above messages & notification, I really cant understand wtf fiverr is doing nowadays.

Yeah, I got this message for a buyer who I’ve written almost ten stories for. Kinda weird. I guess they just send them out to everyone.

Agreed. Unfortunately there are some sellers who don’t understand very basic business principles. Most of them lose their accounts eventually, but I suppose sending out the messages is Fiverr’s stab at reducing the number of unprofessional sellers.

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It’s why they had the automatic message thanking buyers for their order. Mek-sells don’t know how to send a greeting.

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I know lmao I don’t know why they add HTML/CSS coding to their iPhone notifications, when I got mine I was like “lol wth is this”

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While I understand the reasoning for it, all serious sellers should by default treat every single buyer like they are a king of a queen. So best service possible, no matter if it’s a buyer who has been around for 10 years or registered today. So I don’t really see how those notifications are necessary, unless there’s a problem with sellers not treating buyers well.

Fiverr has realized that there are many new sellers without any knowledge of how to answer a new order, so this is to teach them what to do.