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New Buyer - Poor start, help me out

All I want is a logo/image creating. Made a clear description of work. Had 30+ offers from 5$ up (I rejected these, it not a $5 job!), took my time to vet some out, messaged 5 of them and went with the one that took the time to discuss and sent some similar past work, for $50.

Immediately they extended the time of the gig. Which is ok as it was not a quick job. But then on completion of delivery, sent a template image saying “We are working on your order” - reading up on the T&Cs this is forbidden. I suspect its done in the hope I don’t see the 3 day auto complete!
When I challenged they asked for a little more time due to ill health. I gave them 24 hours. 8 hours later they asked to cancel the order, clearly making no effort to do the job.

This does not fill me with confidence!

I thought I had been vigilant in selecting an designer/artist. checked reviews and made an effort to speak first so they knew what I was after. - What’s a man gotta do to find a legit and reliable seller?

I am now stuck with cash in my account, so want to get it spent and hopefully a logo/image I can use, but even users with good ratings seem unreliable!

Feedback is welcome.


Did you even read the OP?

It’s a buyer complaining about a poor purchasing experience they had.


Try again perhaps? The OP is a buyer, not a seller.


I am sorry to hear about your poor experience.

Sounds like the seller you chose to work with was a bad egg.

I’d suggest that now that you have this bad experience as a baseline, try again by posting a new buyers request and this time aside from the actual content you need created, try to gauge if you get a seller who does not violate Fiverr’s ToS and respects your time and $.


Read as many times as possible. And then read your reply.

Read until you figure out what the issue with your reply was.


I would even say look for a seller through search. Buyer request section attracts a certain type of sellers. I’m not saying all of them are bad sellers, but a lot of newbies and scammers end up there.


Please tell me it gets better? lol

first a bad buyers experience (I don’t want it to put me off) then a guy replies much like the dodgy ones selling duff gigs or don’t read my request correctly. :see_no_evil:


It does - honestly! :slightly_smiling_face:

As @uxreview said, have a look through the main listings rather than doing a request. You’ll be able to see the sellers’ portfolios, their feedbacks, how they respond to feedback etc. and you can contact individual sellers who may interest you before you part with any more cash.

Good luck! :sunny:


Thanks, Will try the manual route then. The idea of letting people compete for the work is great, but seems more trouble than its worth. Will update here on how I get on.


Sorry for your poor experience and to think that people are looking for buyer for their gig while someone got the opportunity but miss-used it.

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Since we are dealing with a marketplace, I never considered it a good reason not to do the job. This is not a buyer’s problem, he paid the money and should receive the goods within the specified time. This is only my subjective opinion.

yeah, disappointing part is, if he was genuinely ill and had done an extended time request I may have agreed (I assume you can do that), as oppose to just delivering then asking for more time. But when he ended the line with “Pray for me” it all became apparent :slight_smile:

Yes, all sellers can extend delivery time (I’m not sure about exact time maybe up to 30 days)
I had a similar situation when I had to make a set of icons and I was sick. But I finished the work when I was in the hospital.
I think that if you (as a freelancer) are seriously ill, then you need to cancel the order immediately, ask for an excuse and don’t waste the client’s time.


I canceled the order only once - it was my wedding day :man_dancing:


After roaming the halls of “concept art” gigs. Found someone and here we go again. Level 2 with over 100 reviews… doing baby steps this time as oppose to the larger project. Good luck me!

Happy to share the rest of the experience if people are interested.
I’m a sponsored poker player trying to get some branding ideas off the ground, but I have 0 artistic skills hence trying here (I prob should have said this at the start rather than just grumbling about the bad start)

If not, then no worries :slight_smile:


:rofl: @ pray for me.

So sorry to hear about your experience with the seller, he is a bad egg. There are lots of fantastic sellers here. Like you’ve been advised, do manual search and avoid sellers who use stolen designs on their profile. See their live portfolio for prove of what they claim they can do.

Best of luck!

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I always suggest my clients to discuss with me what they want before buying the gig. I this way they get an idea about my work.

Goodluck to you @kanovar ! And I’m sorry to hear about your experience. I’m glad you knew about the 3 day auto complete!

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Success! The second guy I found did an amazing job! Had me a bit worried but the end result was all that mattered :slight_smile:


Glad you persisted and got a great result.
Like any marketplace, there are a few bad apples to avoid but it gets easier to spot them as you go along :slight_smile:

I do strongly suggest you read the Fiverr Terms of Service - even just skip to the Buyers section and read that. It will explain a lot and help you avoid some of the potential pitfalls as well as letting you know your “rights”. It is done in plain English and not the typical “legal-ese” used in most legal docs.