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First off let me say I have enjoyed Fiver so far, however I am a little confused in using the app. So here are my questions: Is there away for me to put more of a usable profile, or create a standard some how? Is there a pay pro version for buyers? We are a production company and plan on using more than a few services here, but 300 words with no attachments to post work has been difficult.

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I think the profile you choose when you search, since you can buy services of different categories and that is the main feature that has fiverr, which does not limit the purchases and sales of the products in the categories.

I honestly didn’t understand what you just said. :crying_cat_face:

I would suggest you to stop using the App altogether. Well, I think you could use it for simple tasks, such as checking to see if you’ve received messages/responding to messages. I am suggesting this because the App is chock-full of bugs.

Unfortunately, there’s no pro version for buyers. There is only a pro-version for sellers (“vetted” sellers).

If you already have a seller in mind, you can directly contact them and send them a message (of up to 2500 characters) and/or file attachments.

If, however, you are looking for a seller to work on your project, you could use the “post a request” feature to submit your project description/requirements, and sellers will respond to your request. You have the option to attach documents while using this feature, too. You can then sift through those who respond to your request, and you can decide to work with one or more of them.

If none of the responders seem to match your requirements, you can choose to walk away without having to select/work with anyone. You can then either try to post a request again or manually search through Fiverr’s vast gig listings to find a gig/seller of your liking.


You are the bomb! So why I have you two more questions, going through the sellers gigs weve noticed the same display of art, is there a legit reason for this or perhaps just a heavy use of templates.? And other then favoriting our sellers is there a better way to word we would always need full rights in the request/ post?

So, you’re saying that you have seen the exact art/image displayed in the portfolio of multiple gigs (all from different sellers)? If that’s the case, it could either be that the image/art is not the sellers’ original work or that it’s some kinda stock image. If, however, you’re referring to the gig thumbnails (images that are displayed on gigs before you click on them), it’s not a problem if you notice the same kind of image displayed on multiple gigs of one seller.

I don’t think I understood your question. Could you, perhaps, rephrase it? I mean, you always have full “rights” while submitting a request or posting a message (as long as they don’t violate Fiverr’s Terms of Service).


The rights question, came from seeing it as an option, when purchasing. And when we read it we think :roll_eyes:, of course I need the rights to the thing we paid to have made.

So in posting work we thought there might be a easier default way so the designer knows we would need the rights cause the continue project would depend on it.

Anyway youve been most helpful, you can close this topic.

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