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New Buyer Request Page

Is anyone out there besides me not happy with the new Buyer Request loading page?

I definitely prefer the older version, and here’s why.
Sometimes, when I browse through the request list, I leave some requests behind and remove others. I want to get back to it/them later for various reasons: I want to make a quick research about the project before placing my offer; I want to do a quick sample work before deciding on the delivery time; I have to attend to something other than Fiverr before getting back to it (if it is still available).

Now, it just disappears after the first view. Why this change? What is so hard about manually removing the unapplicable requests? Instead of making the requests disappear automatically, why don’t you have checkboxes with Select all option or something to help Sellers remove requests more quickly/easily.

This new version not only snatches the carpet from Seller’s feet but also deprives Buyers from (better) offers. Please go back to the previous version with better list managing options.