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New Buyer Wants Me To Deliver OUTSIDE Of The Platform

Hey guys! It’s the disaster known as me again! I got another story for you today! :smile:

So I just woke up and I received this express order for a voice recording to be delivered in 24 hours. Normally I prefer to have the buyer hit me up before requesting those to make sure I’m available, but I choose to set up the gig that way so I’m aware of the consequences and pitfalls I might run into.

I promptly respond to the buyer after checking out the script they attached as one of my requirement and swiftly got to work. It was a relatively quick job but I was done in 20 minutes. The thing that gave me pause though was that they requested I sent my voice over to them through their email. They also worded it strangely, as if imply I could do that as well in the future but I just assumed it was poor word choicing. The also had to space out their email address in the message request so Fiverr wouldn’t flag them, I guess?

A little while later I get an email from Fiverr telling me that this buyer I’m working with is new and this is their first time ordering on the platform, so I should do my best and give them a wonderful experience.

I think to myself that maybe this was the reason why the buyer requested I deliver outside of Fiverr? They’re probably new to the platform and don’t know how things work. Also they probably want it sent to their email for ease of future access?

But on the oooooother hand, I’m not too naive enough to not be aware of the possibility that this is just a bad situation waiting to happen. One of those many “bad buyer” cases/stories I’ve read so much about on this forum.

Safe to say I’ve finished the work they requested, delivered it, and told them that I will also send it over to their email once they mark my work as complete. They did (EVEN GAVE ME A 200% TIP!!!) and I sent the email.

Is that okay? Did I do good? :pleading_face:
Would really appreciate any advice the veterans on here could give me regarding this type of specific situation :pray:
Thanks in advance! :two_hearts:


You shouldn’t send anything Fiverr related to someone’s email (or contact them via email) due to the TOS, unless it’s something the gig really requires (and you’ve got permission from CS first I think). In future just say you can’t send it via email (you could say it’s against the TOS). Just deliver it through a Fiverr attachment next time (a dropbox link should also be okay as long as it’s a link anyone with the URL can use). It’s not worth the risk sending deliveries through email. It could lead to a warning I think.


Thank you so much for the advice! In hindsight, I should’ve probably gone that route, but I had Fiverr’s warning in the back of my head to give this new customer a great experience so I tried to be as accommodating as possible.

I just hope my mistake doesn’t create a scenario where the buyer expects this from ALL sellers now though…

I don’t think they knew you could download audio through Fiverr, but I still attached the files and I think they were able to access it because they respond to the deliver before I could even finish sending the mail.


The very fact you are asking means you know that you aren’t supposed to deliver to someone’s email. No matter what the buyer asks, if it breaks ToS then don’t do it. If they don’t like it, tell them to talk to Customer Support. It’s not worth risking your account being banned.


Valid points. But from what I read (and the warning I received while also replying to the message) is that Fiverr does not allow COMMUNICATION to be done outside of the platform. Like meaning taking the business from here and moving it elsewhere. Fiverr also stated that unless it is part of the service that the buyer requested (which it technically was) no communication should be taken outside the platform.

The buyer requested that the files be sent to their email (for probable ease of access and because they are new to the platform), but I made sure that I delivered the final product on the Fiverr platform first and it was accepted, before sending it elsewhere.

I’ve seen multiple gigs on Fiverr also provide services outside the platform but all business dealings are performed within . Which was why I asked my question to know if I fell in some kind of grey area.

But I agree, NOTHING is worth getting your account banned over.


This says it all. Always play safe. I always try to explain this to new buyers.

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Strictly speaking, the delivery by mail was not a necessary part of the order. Those who offer this service have permission from CS (or should have). Always deliver through the order page … and if an email is a necessary part of the order, that should be given through the order page too.

If it’s a really big file, dropbox, as @uk1000 said, is an alternative.

never give a method of a buyer contacting you outside fiverr … ever.


Yes okay. That I can agree on.

Duly noted! Thank you so much! :heart:

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