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The obvious, not so obvious.

How does a buyer know how many ‘gig’ to buy for a project, that likely would require a larger amount. Usually I would show the project first, get an idea, so that both parties knew. In this case, seller (data entry person) would would be paid completely (approx) up front? Here as I am typing the question, fiverr tells me to stop…

OH, oh, old school here- no social media accounts…

If you are uncertain how many gigs to order after a reading a seller’s gig, you should be sure to use the “Contact Me” button on the right (below the seller’s profile) and send them a question.

Buyer will discuss will you first to know the gig amount for the large projects…

Could you elaborate on this part because more assistance might be available. You said:

marco222 said: OH, oh, old school here- no social media accounts..

What do you mean, exactly? There are some gigs that offer things related to social media, there are social media buttons on various pages for promotion, and Fiverr encourages self-promotion on social media. Was there something else you were looking for?