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New buyers deliberately negative feedback

I met two cases “h********” and “********” they want to kill me in a negative feedback so I seem upset, my work is very good and perfect, but they were underestimating the epidemic my case, please help me .

It’s weird that their names are so similar o.O Maybe report it to Fiverr and they have the means to check out IP addresses and such.

Maybe you deserve that kind of customers. look to your work:
do photoshopping Of 40 Images for $5 ?

Did you only do 10 after promising 40? Did you ask for a tip?

oh no , I gave them enough 40 photos

I do not know how to denounce

Wait, you photoshop 40 images for $5? You know you’re underselling yourself greatly. Most people do 1 or 2 images for $5.

Then if it is a lie, then customer support will remove it.