New buyers lack information


Mostly , new buyers lack information of Fiverr rules and send personal contact information. I clearly warn them how they can get themselves and put me in trouble as well. They say sorry and never do it again.

I want to know in this situation, being buyers can we actually get into any trouble ?
How does the automatic system work.


Wait, being buyers? Do you mean sellers?

It completely depends on what kind of services you are selling. For e.g for me to work on a website, I would NEED login credentials, and yes they are personal.
However, as long as the exchange of information is happening on the “Order Page” itself, it is fine.
You could even write a message like:
“Although exchanging personal information is against Fiverr TOS, due to the nature of this gig and the requirement to provide service to the buyer, we are needing this information”… etc…


No in my services i dont need anything outside fiverr. However, my buyers sometimes send there personal contact information abruptly!! and it shows up in the private message. so i politely ask them to avoid this or it will result into their and my bann.

so i was just curious!! i hope it doesnot have negative affect.


I get the same quite often. Some businesses/business people who buy here will give their phone number or email for communication when they don’t know it is not allowed. I respond with a gentle but clear point about how we cannot communicate outside of Fiverr. This is more for CS than for the buyer so that if the message is flagged they can see I am not seeking to contact the buyer outside of Fiverr. I also suggest that the buyer downloads the Fiverr App for an easy way to communicate quickly if the gig is likely to need that. Some people hate downloading apps for every site they use so I always tell them that the Fiverr app is very straight forward and doesn’t send them notifications that are not relevant to their order.


I’ve had it a couple of times as well, people that asked me to contact them through the e-mail address on their website. I also told them that it was not how Fiverr works. They kind of assume Fiverr is some sort of free advertisment place for jobs, which kind of makes sense in the Dutch context (high trust society, you can take the risk of going without the middleman). Most of the time these people don’t come back.

One guy had a really big assignment to do, worth hundreds of dollars and when I checked back a week later it had been done.


Seems like we all are impatient to read anything in details these days. If buyers took out time to consider the section for buyers on the ToS, they’ll probably find this out themselves.

Someone contacted me recently and was like: “I really wanna hire you, are you on whatsapp?”. I politely informed him that was against fiverr ToS, and he left (without even a response to my message). Seems some sellers still agree to an off-site contact. Otherwise, a buyer such as the one who contacted me will quickly realize this to be standard procedure, and not repeat the whole contact thingy again (except of course it’s relevant to the job).


being buyer is not a trouble ,but you have to follow certain rules:-
1)accept order with in time limit or ask for revision if it is available.
2)always check for the package you are buying as fiverr always suggest the standard package…so go for basic if you don’t need extra work.
3)review your seller,then he/she will give review too for you…

thank you.