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New Cancellation Option: Against TOS


I had to cancel a couple orders this week because I didn’t offer the services they were requesting and they went against TOS. The cancellations still counted against me.

That’s why I think there should be a new option. The place where I normally would select “service isn’t offered in this gig”, there should be a new choice: “order is against Terms of Service”

Then a box opens where I can quickly describe how it violates the terms. And maybe this type of refund won’t count against us.

We’d be helping clean up the marketplace :slight_smile:


I think we should also have the ability of denying an order.

Fiverr has added a new button that a buyer must click attesting to the fact they have providing and read all requirements etc. when starting a new order.


I’ve actually paused a gig this week - I had a prospective buyer that things just wouldn’t have gone well with - paused the gig so it can’t be ordered. A nuisance, but it had to be done!


sellers should try everything they can to not cancel an order.

I , as a buyer , want to see that cancellation rate.


Pausing hurts the gig, did it effect it?


Don’t know - it’s still paused! I might give it a few days and unpause it!


Even if the buyer wants to order something the seller doesn’t provide and the seller’s told them that before they order?


I had to check that on an order I placed yesterday.

It made me feel like a criminal getting ready to be arrested. I felt icky having to check it but there was no way to change my mind. The order was already placed and there was no option to back out.


I typically try not to cancel anything…but if they want their driver’s license papers falsified (happened this morning), I’m not doing it :smile: My order completion rate is now 95% because of orders like that.


I think an option to decline order, before being placed, is a good idea. Sellers should have the option to turn it on or off at their discretion.


It’s definitely intimidating, I wonder if they have stats which made their decision to add this feature. Meaning, are they having much more “cancelled” orders because of random orders or buyers clearly not reading the descriptions? etc.


I’m not sure they actually do affect you in any negative way according to the posted information on cancellations. I had posted this somewhere here on the forum but don’t feel like hunting it up again but if you read that you will see that fiverr checks the reason for all cancellations and some don’t count against you.


I’ve done that too when it was obvious the person would become a problem if they ordered.


I agree that it’s not a nice thing for a buyer to see. I feel it would be much better if it were at least worded in a way that explains it nicely so it is not such a threatening message.


I think you just hit the nail on the head.

It’s like that REJECTED message, I was told, that scrolled up on the seller when request revision was selected. I understand this doesn’t happen anymore.

It’s not what you say but how you say it. You can tell someone to “jump in the lake” but if you do it well, the other party will leave with a big smile on their face. They may even say, “Thank you,” and leave you a tip.

5r really needs to work on better wording.


I don’t know if they still have it, but the first and only time I used the “nudge” button for a buyer who didn’t send information, wow…I couldn’t believe how pushy it sounded! I actually sent a follow-up message to clarify for the buyer that it was automated.

One of the Fiverr developers needs to work on their customer relations :slight_smile:


Fiverr should add an accept order button for sellers as well.I am also facing this issue


And you have my vote on that!!!


ok. my cancelation rate is 80%.
Now you got that information.
Based on the value given, what conclusions are you able to make?
Am I a bad seller?
Am I lazy?
Do I have more “fraud” or simply “out of reality” buyers in my niche than in others?
Am I more strict in rejecting “strange (fraud) business ideas”?

You´ll never know all these things based on a simple %-value…


Your cancellation rate is 20%
Not 80%

You’re welcome.