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New categories are driving me insane!

I am so frustrated…

I just got another message from Fiverr that they moved my GIG in to “better” fitting category.

It has nothing to do with my GIG, and the metadata mentions some programs I have never used.

Another GIG, My whiteboard, 2D kinetic is now limited I have all in one animation style GIG, and It only gives me the option to select one style.

Now with this split of a normal virtual assistant category into 15 categories, I want Fiverr to give me another 15 GIGs options…

and what is this with two categories for PPT?

We are basically losing GIGs every day with the “new” categories distribution.

If I had GIG that covers PPT infographics and Pitch deck, where do I go from here? I do not have 3 more gigs to split them and how to split them? In what category do I put the one with sales, and create 2 new ones?



For “new” categories, you can have an “additional” extra gig… Like I have 11 gigs in total, as a level one.

Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about it. If the old gig was doing well in the old category, I suggest opening another gig that is the same but worded slightly differently… and put it back into the old spot.

I wouldn’t risk moving the old gig since it’s already established.

I don’t know how the indexing works… It might be okay to move it just back into the original category?

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They are creating new categories to organize the things… but they need see about gigs appearing in wrong searches…

For example i search for tags like “website …” and the results on the first pages show some gigs not related: logo, excel, powerpoint, flyer…

I hope that they organize the things to better, to provide best results for clients and for us sellers too.

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Categories don’t work like that, what you’re describing is keywords.

Yes, but he is right, when you search for bananas you get diesel oil which makes no sense.

The original category doesn’t exist anymore, they split everything up. And I do not have any more GIGs, I used all 20.

I have
#2 Branding identity
#3 Custom overlay
#4 Package overlay
#5 Powerpoint presentation, pitch deck (now it is only in PPT)
#6 Infographics, flowcharts
#7 Tactile package design
#8 Transcribing
#9 Proofreading
#10 Social media design
#11 Vector tracing
#12 Stingers and animated overlays
#13 Mockup images
#14 Any custom graphic design (in Other category)
#15 Typography art
#16 Zoom video enhancement and editing
#17 Whiteboard, kinetic explainer videos (I have to split this into two or three due to style of animation)
#18 Virtual assistant


I am a level 1. I have 11 gigs.


I was “prompt” to add a new gig, for having one in the “new category”. I will try clicking to see if the option is available?

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Yes, But I am not selling potatoes here, I can not just create another GIG out of my sleeve. I have to do the research, tags, description, words, mandatory requirements, clients brief, photos, video, PDF…

It will take me a month to create another GIG.

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:sweat_smile: oh my gawd

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So I am a noob with 7 active gigs…

Well, if one was to just focus on logo he would have to “waste” 10 gigs to cover all of this:

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@marinapomorac, I assume they split it because the logo category alone has around 160k gigs or more as far as I remember. So they do need to split that up as much as they can. I can see your frustration, but then again they have to split some stuff… so I get it why they are doing it. They did that in the writing section too, with some stuff.

Then for writing it’s even worse, if you want to cover everything… I just have a general gig, but if you want to be niche-focused, then you will have to waste a lot of gigs here too.

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I am OK with splitting, but now my GIG is some strange category with programs I never used in list for metadata and I can not change the main category.

So I was forced to put my gig with sales in to “Other” that only made sense.

I have one GIG for video animation, I need 3 to cover that one, so the trick here is I have one that have sales, I have to rename the title description everything and leave it in one category and make two newones without sale and split…

Where did you put it? Or do you call it “general” because you made the description general, but it is still under some Fiverr category?

This might explain why I’ve been getting messages about doing videos when I only write scripts for videos. I have to review all my gigs but just don’t have time at the moment.

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And even I have 5 tags in my EDIT gig form, only 4 are visible on the GIG, while my logo gig you can only put 5 tags it shows 6 tags…

This is such a mess…
I get they are trying to fix the old to be better but this transition time when everything is scrambled…

We are back in the GIG N/A era.

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It looks like you have something else to talk with you brand new Seller Success Manager.


Oh, I am not sure should I mention that. Basically I sent him over my research process, gig development plan and schedule, my client’s brief and documentation and from his reply I have @frank_d (I am just tagging you since I am mentioning you) webinar feeling.

Basically I already did everything that needs to be done for all gigs, everything is in place. Some errors are happening but due to site bugs not me (SM told me I have only 4 tags but when I checked in edit I see 5 tags but site doesn’t save all five.)

He noticed I have gigs with no sales and suggested I use BR to get some sales and I explained those gigs are new after I recently got Level 2.

So I am afraid this seller plus is just not going to give me any benefits because I read “Selling on Fiverr” and applied, I watched all the videos and applied.

You see above I say it will take me a month to make new gig, that is how you make gigs. You do not just click and type from head and cross fingers you get sale.

Even nitching down with this categories madness is impossible with just 20 gigs available.

I have two more slots open and I think making them for whiteboard but the fact that my old gigs are dropped randomly all over the place…

I chose General from the list shared in my image. And a lot of people do in my category, otherwise you will narrow down to certain niches. But you gave me a good idea to create more gigs, I can create 20 gigs and I just have 7… so might as well take advantage of the extra exposure.