New category for fiverr forum "Buyer Request"


I think on our this fiverr forum, another new category should add. it can be named as "Buyer Request"

► Purpose of this category

On this category all the buyer can request any service/gig

► Why need this as a buyer?

Buyer can discuss details about offers gig/service from seller. buyer can get a good service. because lots of seller will offer his/her service here by comments. buyer will find the perfect service.

► Why need this as a seller?

Seller can offer his service/gig here. he can discuss more about his service. he can incenses his service.

► Why need this category for this forum?

Most important forum will get some extra activities. new people will join here. they will know more about fiverr. new people will join here to sell or buy perfect product from here. forum will be more popular. most of the seller may be not interested on forum, but this category will crate a interest on others seller, because they can advertize/show case his service here.



Fiverr is for Buyers and Sellers to; “request any service/gig”, “discuss details about offers gig/service from seller”, “Seller can offer his service/gig here” and “advertize/show case his service here”.

Fiverr already has a “Buyers Request” feature. The Forum already has a “My Fiverr Gigs” for folks to showcase gigs.

Is it necessary to have an additional method on the Forum as well?

Forums by their nature are a community of organized chaos. The Fiverr Forum is here to support the Fiverr community, which it does well. IMO, I don’t see the advantage of adding another method of selling/buying into the mix.

On another note; the “Buyers Request” feature could use some enhancements, and in time it will.


I would HATE to have to read through the Buyer Request section if it were posted on the forum. It would be a smorgasbord of “Pick me!”, “No, pick me!”, “No, I can do it!”. How would you ever keep up/track?




I can only imagine the grammatically incoherent headlines, descriptions and arguments. :slight_smile:


Then They will start to bidding…

Ooops!!! [-X