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New Character Concept Art / Illustration added to the Gigs (Update)

Just adding new Sci-fi / Science Fiction concept artwork / illustration if you are looking to buy it for your collections, book cover, book chapters, film or game with Commercial Use only “Premium” Package. Please keep in mind if you preferred the art with painting details, this will take up to 1 or 2 weeks to complete the artwork depend on the character skin, outfits/clothing designs, hairs, lighting and shadows and colors.

What you will get based on the gig descriptions under “I will paint a character concept art for you”:

  • High resolution 300dpi JPEG and PNG artwork with no background environment in 4K and 1080p.

  • PSD layer of single character figures with or without background environment. You may add your own background in any digital art software if you like! If not, you can request for PNG file to be open with several digital art software such Corel Paint 2021.

  • Book cover art or the art design for each chapters, card deck, and game characters concept art/illustration.

  • Single Alien and human race figure character artwork for each card game, card deck, trading card design, etc.

What type of concept art / illustration you get to buy it for your collection?

  • Alien Races (from all different homeworld / planets) - Head to chest portrait or full body figure painting.
  • Human - Space Marine, male or female space commander in uniform head to chest portrait or full body figure painting. These packages will including what kind of outfits you request for your character wearing.
  • “Dead Space” 2D horror type concept art for book cover and chapters if you are sci-fi horror fan or creative writer looking for an artist to create the artwork for your next science fiction novel.
  • Single 2D character figure painting for card game or card collection similar to the Marvel and DC Comics collection in the 90’s in 300dpi 4K JPEG and PNG high quality artwork; with or without background scene.
  • Space ship design concept art.
  • Your custom logo for your character outfits, alien spaceship alliance, space empire, etc.
  • Art of the Wild West in the future, character artwork with steampunk outfits. All different breed of horses may be include in “Premium” package.

Please report the artwork to Fiverr CS for stolen art, plagiarism, Copyright Infringement in case if you come across any sellers’ gig with my artwork in their gig image one day. This artwork has not been posted or share anywhere outside of social medias such DeviantArt, Artstation and Behance.

“Skye” character illustration by Danny Kojima

“Lawman of the Wild West” steampunk art by Danny Kojima


Okay, this will my last post on the forum. Of course, I will be distance myself a light years away from Fiverr forum and return to my art world. It was nice meeting you all on the forum.

Hopefully we will meet again on the other side of Fiverr (in the seller gig page) one day. Good luck to you all with your gigs sale. And May the force be with you all.

-Danny Kojima
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I didn’t realize the forum was like a Leper colony and one should limit their exposure and stay away from it.

Good luck on your freelancing!

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Oh no! Why are you leaving the forum? Fantastic work as I’ve said before and best of luck to you!