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New comer guide me guys

Hi friends,

I am a software engineer but i didn’t work as an engineer any more , I am more passionate about designing , drawing and that led to me here. I hope you will support me guys.

This is my profile please have a look and suggest if i need to change something,

This is my new gig - turn your portrait in disney cartoon style


Welcome to the Fiverr Community! I’m also new here.

Wish you all success.

Hello there, it’ll be hard for you to get an order with your current portfolio. There’s too many competition here in fiverr for a graphic designer & illustrator. I suggest that you change your style a bit to be able to compete with other illustrator.

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Yeah , I will try something new to my style different. Thanks for your comment.

some people sucess with multiple gigs… i wish you success here.

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Great work wishing you successful journey

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Warm welcome to fiverr community. Take time to read through the forum for lots of tips and information. Good luck! :slight_smile:

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Welcome to the community, I am also a new comer that set up on Fiverr not long ago. Wishing you the best.

Kind regards.

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Thanks for your valuable words. I will definitely work on it.

Welcome to fiverr forum…Best wishes

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Sorry I can’t get it . what does it mean by “List item” ?