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New comer waiting for your help :(

Friends, Can you help me ?

This is my Fiverr account, check my gigs and give me some suggestions and feedbacks.

Please help me to build a strong profile with attractive gigs.


FYI: Duplicate gigs are against the Fiverr ToS.

You can search YouTube. There you find lots of content. Try it

They are registered in different fields, so still will it be a problem?

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If you can use the same image/description interchangeably between the gigs without edits, and the gigs still make sense, they’re far too similar.

Section: Sellers, Sub-section: Gigs (truncated list)

Identical gigs also mean you’re competing with yourself! Fiverr is competitive enough as it is, you shouldn’t dilute your review and order pool. It also makes you look lazy.


FOR EXAMPLE, don’t have two gigs for both proofreading and copy editing, have one gig for each.

Aww thanks a lot madam. You saved me