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I am an Arabic translator and localizer, I need to get involved and get clients.
Please help!


Well, where are your target clients that need translation services located? If you need to “get them”, then I recommend that you go to wherever they are located, and convince them to hire you.

We call this “marketing”, and yes, you’re probably going to have to market and promote your gig in order to obtain clients – just like every other business in the world.


Does that mean to search out of Fiverr?
I know something about marketing and go on enhancing my marketing skills more and more.
Once I get clients, I will convince them by my work quality.
Thank you :+1:


If you want more clients then you need to marketing and share your gig on social media.
Like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and use your meta tag line.


Yes. Where do you think the people are who need your translation services?