New completed orders not showing in Pending Clearance


Hi Fiverr sellers!

I’m having a problem that started on Dec. 18 and it is that completed orders do not show in the “Pending Clearance” - upper section - of the Revenues page.

Orders show in “Order Revenue” - lower section - but they should show as “Pending Clearance” as well.

I have asked support but got no solution yet.

Anyone else with the same problem?



same problem here, big order cleared on like, the 20th and hasn’t showed up in my pending clearance.


You need to change the year in the drop down menu near Pending Clearance menu. Try with 2016 :wink: I hope this helps.


yes that helped, thanks a lot.


Just change the year from drop down . change it to 2016


My 2 big orders were not showing, this solved the problem…now I am laughing at myself :slight_smile:


same problem


Thanks. i had the same issue and changing the year to 2016 solved it. yayy! :smiley:


Thanks. It helped me. it’s a great solution. I also completed two order four days ago and they were not in revenue page on pending clearance section. I just changed the year 2017 and they were in the list.
its 22 December 2016 but they added last two completed orders in the 2017 year. Why ?? I think it should be in the list of 2016.