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New content writer on fiverr

Hi! I made my account two years ago but I never used it until recently. I made a gig on content writing, did some marketing on some sites, mostly pinterest, I got one client. It was before I cared to advertise on internet, that I got that client. Now he bought two gigs, and then third, he was very happy and gave positive reviews, but after that there is a long pause of silence. My gig facts and figures tell good stories, people are watching (lazy marketing on internet is working), conversion rate is really good but I AM NOT GETTING ANY MORE ORDERS. I love writing and it is my natural talent but I cannot get more orders while I need 7 more to be a 1st level seller and then carry on my journey. Question is, how can I make sure that I get orders while three sales and all positive reviews are not good enough for them, plus there are people who are selling only 100 words for $5 while I am selling 600 words for same amount. Why the hell my gig is not being bought? (oh the envy)

Here’s link to gig, watch it and please give opinions to make it better and to get buyers.

Honestly, the thumbnail shot in your video that shows “Why 600 Words?” is full of grammatical errors. That might be turning people off. You’re selling your writing ability, so you need to make sure every piece of writing that appears on your profile is 100% error-free.

Also, and I know this seems counter-intuitive, but you might consider lowering your word count. Offering to write a large number of words for only $5 gives the impression that you don’t place a high value on your writing – and if you don’t value your own work, customers won’t value it, either. I’ve been doing quite well with a gig for only 250 words. I’ve been active on Fiverr for just a little over a month and I’ve already shot to Level 2 status based on that one gig.

But again, you have to be very careful with your spelling and grammar. I know it’s especially difficult since English is not your native language, but if you want to sell to an English-speaking marketplace, it’s something you’ll have to work on if you want to succeed.

Thanks for the detailed response but I couldn’t get the grammatical error part. I rechecked that, checked on ginger and then on internet grammar check sites and failed to find a single grammatical error in 600 words part, while you said it was “full of grammatical errors”. There’s only one thing that instead of a full stop after first sentence there should have been while to link it with other sentence as it was more appropriate.

Likewise, I failed to understand why 600 words is a bad idea. I respect and understand your logic that offering too much for 5 shall make people think that quality of content would be bad. But on the other hand, reason given in video defines that it is to make customers believe that extra words are to please them. Moreover I’ve noticed people selling successfully with 600 words while there are people who sell even less than you, only 100 words, and yet they rock.

I shall be waiting for more replies.

I sent a reply to your message pointing out the errors. They’re admittedly subtle, and easy for a computer program to miss.

Reply to @jmbauhaus:

Thank you, I read your message and replied it. I helped in making the gig better.

I need help with another thing. I made my gig in SEO optimization category and there is made some space. It was on top of second page (if you clicked for more) of that category, but then I changed category to Webisite Content and now it is not visible, even if I click on option of video gigs in that category, my gig doesn’t show up (although it has a video). Secondly i am aiming at reducing words to 500 once gig becomes famous, but the URL cannot be changed it shall still show ‘600 words’, any suggestions?

" There are many nerds making money". That sentence sounds incredibly unprofessional.

Like someone else already mentioned, there are problems with your English (even though they are not major and it may not bother anyone in a conversation, there stick out if you are trying to sell a writing gig)

I don’t want to sound harsh but if you want to make money from your writing, then your text needs to be very polished. You are focusing a lot on the word count, but I would suggest you focus on the grammar & spelling part. The gig description is the first hint at what quality buyers should expect if they order from you.

P.S: the fact that you attribute an obvious Hemingway quote to yourself in that gig presentation might make potential buyers reconsider purchasing it, as when you are investing money in these gigs the last thing you want to deal with is a potential case of plagiarism.

All the best!

I cannot offer multiple gigs, while I am level 1 seller now and an e-mail was sent to inform that multiple gigs can be offered now but upon editing I see options for fast gig and gig extras but no option for multiple gigs; see the attached screen shot and please help me.

Had a read through your gig description, albeit very briefly, and to me it did not flow. I would not order from you for that reason.

thank you

Thanks for advice on grammar part.

"P.S: the fact that you attribute an obvious Hemingway quote to yourself in that gig presentation might make potential buyers reconsider purchasing it, as when you are investing money in these gigs the last thing you want to deal with is a potential case of plagiarism."

There’s a thing called ‘humour’. Obviously if I have to take help of plagiarism to please my clients, people as famous as Hemingway shall not be on my list. That is a PP presentation Miss! Not a work sample that anyone should take seriously. I NEVER take help of plagiarism and I recreate stuff 100% originally which is the reason why I submit my work with 100% confidence. Check out what my clients said about my work. Yet thanks for the time and advice.