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New contributor, advices to give me?


I’ve been on Fiverr for over a week, I’ve published several Gigs but unfortunately I don’t have received any orders yet. Many say that we need patience when we start freelancing. I’m well aware of it. But the situation is more than psychological, because although I’ve made sure that the publications correspond to what the best sellers of the site offer (and even present very interesting offers by the way), I wonder where is the problem.
Tips for attracting the first buyer?


Marketing and promotion of your gigs. Reach out to the target customers that need your services, and tell them about what you can do for them – and how you can solve their problems.


The problem may be on the onpage fiverr search system.

Your gigs will never be there.
Without you have a good ranking


I see gigs all the time by new sellers on the very front page. Many of them with no reviews.


I think it’s mostly due to the mistrust of the customers. A new seller, without notice and without evaluation, is considered incompetent, or in any case as someone to whom one can’t entrust his work. Understandable thing, by the way. So they prefer to orientate to someone who has received a lot of positive reviews. While sometimes this one has modest competence and has gained its notoriety only by seniority especially. But currently these are the rules of the game, as said. I hope the system will be more equitable in the future and give everyone a chance, so will avoid unfair competition.


We were all newcomers once upon a time, no matter when we joined! :wink:


I had a look at one of your gigs so here’s my feedback :slight_smile:

There’s a typo in the title and it’s not really accurate either. One of your keywords should be vector, vectorize or vector tracing

I Will Recreate Your 5 Images For 5 Dolars

This is a random thing, but out of curiosity why it’s counter clockwise?

You don’t have the stats nor reviews to back this up

Why do you mention refunds? Every buyer can read the Fiverr’s refund policy on their own and that’s the only policy that matters. Buyers aren’t looking for refunds and the ones that are, well you don’t want them as clients :wink:

100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.

Why do you want to work for free? Genuine buyers don’t have time to request multiple revisions. It’s something that newbies offer because they are not confident in their skills.

Unlimited modifications until you are 100% happy.

There are all kinds of buyers so some might see it that way, but most buyers look at the portfolio, gig description and how seller communicates with them.
Right now your portfolio doesn’t stand out. It looks pretty much the same as any other seller in your category. If you want to stand out then record a screencast video of you vector tracing one of the images. You can do it as a time-lapse video if it takes a lot of time. Show us what you can do rather than adding 2 sample images :wink:


A big thank you for these remarks! :wink: At one point it made me feel uncomfortable… because it was right and relevant. I will consider them seriously and try to follow them.
I admit that some passages in my description include exaggerations (as “the best”…). In my mind, it was mostly to attract the customer. Because of course, I know very well that I am far from the best. That said, I intend to offer the best of what I have. But the nuance will be restored, especially for the video demonstration.
Thanks again ! :wink:


Customers are more trusting when they can tell you are not trying to oversell yourself. You have something no one else has (your own unique voice) and there is no reason to oversell.


First, welcome here.
You already had some precious advices and I will add one important point regarding one of your gigs:

Gig description
Delivery within 2 HOURS

This point is very dangerous. Unless you never sleep…
This is the best way to get bad rating. If you are not able to deliver under 2 hours you’ll certainly have a bad rating because the countdown is starting (for the buyer) at the second his order is placed.