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New countdown after revision request?

Hi all,
I just noticed something I think it is new on fiverr but I need to double check :thinking:
I do animation videos and when I deliver the video say 3 hours before the deadline and the buyer ask for modifications, the countdown continues from time or delivery (in this example I would have 3 hours to deliver the new version).
However, today I noticed that after the buyer asked for modifications the countdown automatically starts from 24 hours, in other words I have 24 hours to deliver the new version no matter what is the original countdown.

I am not sure if this is something new or been there for a while but it is very comfortable and gives the seller time to do the work :slight_smile:



I think it’s been there for a while now. It’s definitely an improvement, but I’d like it to be manually set. For example, 24h is not good enough if a client comes back Friday evening. I should be able to set it myself and if needed client can approve it.


You are right, It is an improvement but can be better. Maybe we can post something on the suggestions section.

there is no exact time to deliver your revised order but yes it’s show 24 hours when original delivery time is over

Is the revision counter random? My customer sent me one and I only have 1 hour to do it says the timer. It would not be enough

I am not sure! Sometimes it is 24hrs sometimes its less!

Anyway, I contacted the customer support and they said that if the order delivered on time the first time it will not be labeled as late.


Great info! Thanks man

No worries :slight_smile: