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New crafter on Fiverr - Greetings from Alaska!

Hello! I’ve been wanting to sign up for a long time and finally got the gusto to do it. Working through browsing categories and what skills people are offering.

Nice to meet you all~ :slight_smile:

  • Jasmine

Welcome Jasmine! And what is your skill?

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welcome to fiverr market .

Welcome, Jasmine. Your Soot Sprites are cute!
image image

Cool gig. I’ve never seen Soot Sprites. :slight_smile:
You don’t see actual products here on Fiverr that much. I would have expected to see things like these on Etsy.

You didn’t really ask for it, but my friendly tip would be to explain the shipping and such in your gig description. That’s probably one of the main concerns for buyers.

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