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New creat my GIG :)


Hi everybody :slight_smile:

Introduce me idepe from indonesia, I just joined in fiverr.
It’s been a month I’ve been here, Everyday I try to use buyers reques feature but until now I have not received a single order.

I love being here in the community.
Please check my GIG if I have a problem with gig.
Please tell me how I should do in order to get a job here.

Thank you for your valuable time.

Best Regard


I wouldn’t like being the one to bring a real fact to your Gigs service, but you’re just a member of thousand similar Gigs, and a real expectation of being contacted within a month should be considered low.
Background removal and T-shirt designs are huge markets here in Fiverr, I wouldn’t expect being contacted so fast.
On the other hand, if you’ve been sending offers in the Buyer Request section, you may think about checking your spelling. Some clients would not take you into consideration if they believe they could possibly have communication issues with the seller.


Thanks for your opinions and suggestions, I will check my spelling.
Yes I do not understand that t shirt is so much here but as masalh that I have, I am for now have ability in that field.

Thank you :slight_smile:


I bet you mean you have ability in that field.
I have no doubt about your skills, but if you cannot market your service properly (especially by checking your spelling) your ability will be just wasted here.
There are thousand skilled people and great artists in real life that fail by doing so online, because of wrong marketing or flaws in communication.


Yes as a matter of communication I am a little less good :slight_smile:

I honestly say I do not understand English.
What is your advice for this?

Your suggestion means a lot to me.
Thank you


Leave your Gigs open, in case someone would find you and give a try.
You can, of course, send every day your offers to Buyers Request, but in the meantime, it should be a must to prepare your English better. A little every day, so when the first orders come, you will be in a good position to deal with your clients.
Using translation tools (software) is not the best solution, your clients may notice that and maybe be disappointed.


Thanks for your suggestions I will try to fix it ,: