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New Creator on 5rr <3


I’ve known this website from a long time but it was only couple of days that I decided to be part of it.
I’m very excited to start my journey here, even though I don’t have any orders yet.

for all the Professionals out there please take care of me and give me some advice and tips.
I’m glad that I started this and hope to have a great experience working with you all <3

please do tell me about your 5rr experience


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Hey Amaya - welcome to the forum, and to Fiverr! :confetti_ball:

Now, mind you, it is weekend so don’t feel unwanted because people don’t reply to your posts - they’re most likely having barbecues, family reunions and dinners, hiking on a mountain or splashing in the seas :wink:

So, before you embark in your Fiverr journey, here are the recommended readings to avoid any problems:

  1. Fiverr Academy - a beautiful place to be! To be learning, that is :stuck_out_tongue:
  2. Terms of Service - as boring as it may sound, it’s actually written as a great guide!
  3. The Support Page - whatever was omitted on the previous pages, you’ll find here :wink:
  4. UpYour Post Series - an amazing series of posts from one of our Forum Moderators to help you

And if you plan on staying longer on the Forum with us and have good laughs or find out things about things on things, you should also be going through some of the Community Rules & Guidelines topics

Also, if you just wait for orders, there’s a very big chance you won’t get any of them. Fiverr has grown a lot in terms of seller competition, so you need to do something to get sales instead of waiting for them - I encourage you to read the “UpYour” series mentioned above to find out what you can do to get sales :wink:


Thank you !!
that’s very helpful

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