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New custom offer sent (expiration date)

NEW CUSTOM OFFER SENT should have an expiration date or when the offer is valid up until whatever date you choose… like “offer valid until (00/00/00)” then the system automatically shutdowns or clears the custom offer…

I suggested this earlier but no one showed any interest lol.

would be nice to have that.

I agree with you.

I think a buyer will either accept it promptly or not at all usually. If a day or two goes by without them accepting it you can consider it expired.

I withdraw my custom offers when a buyer doesn’t purchase it in a timely manner. “Timely” is relative for me. If I have spare time or really need the sale I will leave the offer open a long time. If I get busy or I start thinking the buyer isn’t a match for me I will go into the inbox, click Custom Offers, choose the thread it was in and withdraw the offer.

I write an expiration in my custom offers. Yes, I have to go in and delete them, so an automated system would be great. Until then, though, I’ll keep doing it manually.

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It’s great to know. For a minute i thought it had to do with penalizing sellers for late delivery.

It occurred to me after I sent the offer that this person may drag it out :roll_eyes: Expiration of offer inclusion is a must. It just makes sense.

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