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New Customer here


I’m new here but i have experience for graphic designer
how i can get order any one can help me ???


Hi this article will help you :slight_smile:


Well, who needs graphic design services? Go find those people, and convince them to hire you.


Why you added customer in title ? its misleading you’re a seller you should write new seller here


i wight but system not accept this word


thank you Jonbass i will try it


because you’ve choosen wrong category you’ll need to choose new user intro category


You are right shubhamadahale


That’s good idea my friend


yes i think so are you right


If you are good in graphic design just create eye catching gig. Also make small marketing video and upload into fiverr gig. Then go under graphic design options to find out job requests and send them request and explain your talent for them. If you able to convince them surely you are able to get orders. Dont give up… keep try. :clinking_glasses:


biblelover Thank My dear friend


I am New User Of Fiverr