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New dashboard design

How come the dashboard design switched from tabular layout to this kind of separated ‘block’ layout? I find it really hard to get an overview of what is in my queue now… is this being tested or is it a permanent feature?


I think it is fine. It’s just that the block for each order listing is too big. I can’t see all orders at once compared to before.


It’s frustrating. Tired of getting used to new design. It’s a typically American thing - “improving all the time”. It drives us, other nations, mad)

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Because staying the same is a better alternative?

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Well, improving all the time is great, but just changing something because it’s time to change is not. :wink: I know they need to test things out to find out if it’s improvement or not, but I think they should test that in more steps, starting with really small group. Fiverr on the other side is testing stuff on large groups and even after bad feedback, they still implement it for everyone…


Presume they must be doing that - I haven’t got the ‘new’ dashboard,so it’s being rolled out in groups?

Added - just changed! :slightly_smiling_face:


Yea, I have a new layout for 2-3 months, today it seems they implemented it to extended group, even after everyone I talked too, told them, they didn’t find it as a good improvement over previous design. :wink:

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NOOOOOOO!!! They changed it for me as well. :sob:

I’m not an American and still constantly been improving everything

Great, another “improvement” …

I only just got this new dashboard. Knew something was up recently when I stopped getting tasks to leave feedback on orders, and now here we are.

This is incredibly poor for anytime you have more than a few orders in the queue. I regularly have 10+ orders active and I used to be able to see them all on the screen at once, now I have to scroll a very long page.

Typically I don’t bother giving feedback or complaining but this is one of the worst changes I have seen to date, makes no sense. The blocks are too big.

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They had made the design similar with their apps style! I think so. I also see it today. (Bangladesh)

I don’t like the new dashboard either. I’m so used to the other one and this is going to be an adjustment for me. I’m generally not a huge fan of change, so I know that’s why I’m having an issue with it. I’m also not tech savvy, so I once I’m used to something on the computer (like the Fiverr layout) I don’t like having to figure it out all over again :frowning:

New Dashboard layout, your opinion's? .