New Dashboard layout, your opinion's?


Hi guys, what do you think about this new Dashboard layout, the old one I think was bit more simple and straightforward :confused: ?

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The new design is awful

God awful. This is the worst change yet.


I still have the old one. The new one is so big!!!


Yup, agree , more info on them but idk, too big :confused:


Awful looking one. But they probably do not consider our opinions either way


Hi levinewman,

My name is Snir, and I’m a product manager @ fiverr.

Can you please be more precise? What is so awful? What should be changed in order to make it better?



I’ll create a list:

  1. It’s too big visually.
  2. The default shouldn’t be “All Orders” it should be “In Progress.” This makes it confusing and cluttered for people who have already turned in tons of jobs and see all the finished work below.
  3. The finished work should not, under any circumstances, show a “Days Late” on a turn in because that buyer didn’t leave a review. It’s unsettling and is NOT actually late. That creates a negative connotation that doesn’t exist.
  4. “We recommend you deliver early, so there’s enough time for revisions.” This is illogical and has no bearing on delivery, unless you’re now punishing sellers because buyers drag out revision times. It should be removed.

While we’re at it, you’ve made the inbox messaging system a complete mess as well, especially considering you dock sellers from not responding quickly enough. You use Response Time as a metric, but the only way to see if you need to respond to someone is if there’s a TINY clock next to the response? Which, by the way, disappears if you click on the message but haven’t said something. This is beyond awful and is going to cause more sellers’ responses times to drop because they click it and aren’t able to leave a message on the fly.


Ehhh not sure I like it, I received an order and couldnt find it in my as I usually do I had to find the seller and search for the comleted section… not good


i loved the old layout its more precise and more clear in understanding

i haven’t received this update yet


I so wish Fiverr would stop with all of this.


yes there are making lots of changes very fast this year


I want a new layout which show how much total per order.
Also buyer country flag and their ratings.


I kinda like it… but yh less information…


@snirelkaras Not happy with it.

1.Orders are still there which got delivered, making it confusing.
2. I see my gig’s picture, but can’t see it’s title. I know it’s my gig and I should recognize it by the basic image, but as a seller I rarely look at that. Can we get back the title of the gig? Makes it easier to read rather than guess.
3. The page does not have a title which shows on a browser tab. so on my browser tab now I see the
4. “Order Scope” label - unsure what is the information in there. It’s not clickable, it’s just a label saying order scope…
5. Due in 2 days. I’s a bit vague - can you write instead 1 days, 18 hours? It’s important when you work through time zones globally, “tomorrow”, or “in 2 days” is relative.

And a + one for @levinewman, he got a great list.


Hi Snir, so great to see you here!


Yes, absolutely. I don´t have the new layout yet, but I´d hate losing this.


Very nice to know that Fiverr is reading our suggestions and comments :slight_smile:
What do you think @snirelkaras about our conversation, are we right, is this a good change ?


Great feedbacks.
Our goal is helping you manage your business the best way.
So we are all on the same side :slight_smile:

We are continuously working on improving this page, so it will fit your needs.

Will be happy to hear more.


hey @snirelkaras, I agree with all of the above comments, and if I can throw in my 2 cents as well:

It is pretty clear that you are trying to help us, but it is also very clear that no one in the product team has ever used Fiverr as a seller for even a day.

What we need from our dashboard:

A clear, visually consice to-do list that will help us see what needs to be done and by when, at a glance.

The timer on each order needs to be exact to the minute. Not in days. It also needs to be bigger, more prominent.

Our gig’s images on the left are of no use. Wasted real estate. We need our gig’s title in order to quickly identify what the order is, and if we must have the thumbnail, it needs to be just that: a thumbnail. Smaller than what you have on there now.

I like that I can see the amount per order there, can we also have the ability to add our own labels next to the “in progress” or “under revision”. So that we can keep track of things. We could then add labels, much like we can in our inboxes, like “waiting on more info”, “this order is just for a revision”, or “try to deliver ahead of schedule, there’s a conflict”, etc


Hi Snir, thank you very much for working on improving this page!
While I tried to embrace the new layout and while it has some good ideas, it just doesn’t work for me - moreover, I find it cluttered and hard to see what I usually saw with the previous dashboard layout.

  • First of all, the gig thumbnails take up way too much space without adding extra info about the order - It’s a great touch that we can know the amount, but the thumbnail needs to go or be extra small.
  • I think we don’t need to see the buyers’ profile picture either, it clutters the space unnecessarily.
  • The most I’m having problems with is the timer on each order - I know it may look like a decent size, but the way it was previously made it very easy to keep all the orders in check - at the end of the line, and not surrounded by images and placed under other elements.
  • I like that we can see all the active orders, but it’s frustrating to see orders that we have delivered with a very pink “late” date on them. They’re delivered, they’re not late. I’m guessing that’s more of a bug than a feature and is going to be ironed out.
  • As others have previously said, it would be great if it would default to ‘In Progress’ orders instead of ‘All orders’. I don’t need to see the orders I’ve already delivered all the time.
  • The part where you could see a buyer has rated your order has disappeared from the dashboard - it made it very easy to rate the buyer back. Now if one gets a lot of ratings in a certain amount of time, they couldn’t keep track because they’d have to click on the notifications tab and search for each individual notification and go from there.

I’m just adding to what everyone already mentioned, but all in all - the visuals make the dashboard more complicated. I’m more in favor of something that’s useful and fast, than something that visually looks good but hinders other aspects.

Thank you very much for being involved!