New Design for my Purse Gig


I hope you don’t mind the crochet spam, I just enjoy sharing the ideas my customers give to me – they’ve really inspired me so much. :slight_smile: This is the larger size of the wristlet purse, with a drawstring change purse and a new flower design since the buttons got lost on the large bag.


Reply to @oldbittygrandma: My buyers are really amazing. When they ask “Can you do this?” it forces me to think and research and do the math and go (usually)," You know what, I can do that." which increases my skill level exponentially.

I love your 'I HAD YOUR KID" rant. I watch a lot of the samples for a laugh. I’m going to really enjoy my hubby’s ‘new kid’, lol.


Wow, that is pretty!


Reply to @prohelper27: You just made me smile! :smiley: