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New Design to Go with my Crochet You A Pair of Baby Booties In Any Color


Did these as a free ‘extra’ (OD!) on my Baby Bootie gig. Love being able to work on new patterns. Instead of traditional booties, they are little Mary Janes, with a strap and flower.


Aaaw, the booties are so cute! :slight_smile:

They look comfortable too.


Reply to @integritymedia: Thank you so much! The pattern was so much fun and I loved the little ‘shoe’ look when it was done. (Trad booties are great, but I like something different once in a while.)


Reply to @crcanny:

You’re welcome. Crcanny, I have a business idea for you. You may not be interested in doing this at all. It’s just something I thought of. So, take it for whatever it’s worth. I love crafts. Can’t knit or crochet worth a darn, but enjoy working with clay. Specifically sculpting. Anyway, I’ve bought tutorials on how to make certain projects. Sort of a mini-class. A PDF ebook with pictures, showing you how to make one thing. Usually a clay project. In your case for example, it could be how to crochet mary jane baby booties. You have a unique skill. You could offer tutorials. Then, once you make that PDF - you could resell it over and over again. You don’t have to expend additional effort or time on each new order. Just send the digital file. Of course selling on Fiverr, and even other sites that cater to crafty people. Whether you do that or not, you should get pictures of your booties, earrings, purse wristlet, etc. on Pinterest, and redirect them back to your Fiverr listings with your gig URL.


Reply to @integritymedia: Yes, I’ll be writing patterns soon. Those take a while though, as they have to be tested, with photos and clear instructions. But that’s when the orders slow down. thank you! :smiley:


Reply to @oldbittygrandma: Thank you! :smiley: I love being on the front page, LOL.