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New do or don't should be added as posting rule

I was very much bothered by the start of this topic. I don’t even understand why people still talking and arguing with the same thing. What is the productivity of all these? In the end, everyone will sleep thinking whatever they think is right, or whatsoever they believe.

Everyone will maintain their business just right because this is a marketplace, not someplace to argue with what you don’t like or don’t believe, and that’s a big no when it comes to sensitive issues like this!

Yesterday, I posted an awareness post about #TeamTrees and how they are planting 20 Million trees to save the world. I know, it’s not much, but it was a good start from the internet community. And, The Forum deleted my post marking as Spam. It’s so sad to see some worthless things get this much attention and something useful gets marked as spam!

So, my humble request to everyone who’s watching, please don’t post any controversial posts related to religion, beliefs, culture, certain community or traditions on Fiverr. It should be treated like a forum of a marketplace, not a debate club.


I saw that post of yours. I think it got deleted because you included in it a link to the Team Trees website. I think your post would have remained live if there was no link in it.


The other thread was posted in the “your Fiverr experience” section and was about someone’s experience as a buyer on Fiverr.

I don’t know what thread the trees thing was posted in but it might not have been in the right Fiverr thread/section or maybe you could have checked which thread/section would be okay for it with a mod if it was an off-site link.

I see. Yes, it has a link, and I think it could be removed instead of deleting the thread itself.

And, when you know the result before even posting a thread of your experience, then what’s the point of posting it in the first place?

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Hey Nayeem,
Firstly, it’s nice to see you back on the forum.
I think those threads are quite interesting; people can choose to take part, just read or ignore them so I don’t think there’s anything wrong with them as long as people accept that others may have different beliefs to theirs. Sometimes I roll my eyes at threads, other times I take part. Sometimes I initially roll my eyes but then a thread gets interesting to me but may be boring or irritating to someone else. I think that’s all ok though.

I didn’t see your post about TeamTrees but I would imagine it would be removed as any kind of charity/non-profit etc needs permission to be posted. If it wasn’t like this then the forum would just degenerate into a list of all different types of appeals. It wouldn’t be possible to check them all for authenticity.
Anyway, sure, some threads are probably wastes of time when we could be doing something constructive (like planting trees) but for those who like taking part in them I don’t see that they take anything away from the forum.


To get other people’s input/opinions about it and have a conversation about it. Maybe if someone thinks something is wrong they can get feedback etc.

Thank you @eoinfinnegan, you’re cool as ever! I better learn to ignore something or having fun watching them from far.

True! However, from everyone’s part, I think we should just avoid making posts that are sensitive to others and the goal of the thread isn’t even related to business. Well, in the end, I can just ignore what I don’t like?!


Yes we can all ignore the threads we want to ignore, but I think we should still allow buyers to post about their Fiverr experience in the “Your Fiverr Experience” section. Especially if they think they have something valid/important to say. As long as everyone is respectful.

If someone had ordered eg. a whiteboard video and the seller and delivered a still image instead, I don’t think the other sellers in that category would mind the buyer talking about how they weren’t delivered what they asked for. They’d let the buyer know about revision requests etc. or try to get the buyer what they ordered or their money back.

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I got your point. Though this example is totally irrelevant to compare with some unnatural staff as the OP was totally aware of what he was doing and what he got, what he’s posting about, and what his goal was!
I just felt bad after seeing something useful got rejected and something that has no end, nor any use was popping on my notification too much.


Not really. The seller said he was going to deliver one thing and he didn’t deliver what he said he would according to the OP of that thread. Instead he gave some general text that could probably apply to many people but didn’t apply to the OP.

Lets say in another category a buyer isn’t sure he could get what the seller is saying they’ll give (eg. 5 or 10 logo intros for $5). If he buys the gig and isn’t given that, as long as a seller isn’t being called out specifically, he should be able to complain in a thread and not have it said that he is complaining against every single person in that category.

Basically buyers should be able to post about their experience (in the “Your Fiverr Experience” section) in whatever categories they’ve bought in really. Some shouldn’t be forbidden from being discussed…

Sorry you are disappointed. Just to let you know the post wasn’t removed. It was flagged since it included a website as mentioned above.

You had the opportunity to edit the post yourself but instead you chose to delete/withdraw the entire post.

Sometimes there are a lot of posts for moderators to go through and it can be really time consuming having to edit them manually. Every user has the opportunity to self moderate and change flagged posts which makes them pop back up on the forum as long as they follow the current forum rules and guidelines.
Thanks for understanding.


I’ve been a member of this forum since 2015-ish. It was actually a lot better when more pople posted and debated anything they wanted to. It gave the forum value as a kind of water cooler area where people could mingle outside of what they were doing professionally. That’s important in freelancing. If you are not a member of a coworking space, you rarely if ever get to chill after work with people familiar with what you do.

Sadly, the forum has already become very regimented concerning what can and can’t be discussed. In some cases, this was necessary. However, now I come here and usually just see endless posts saying the same thing. “I’m new” and “I have no sales” and “Please help, no one is buying my gig.”

Making the forum even more regimented will just result in more of the same. Neither should one person or group ever be allowed to take it upon themselves to decide what can be discussed and what can’t be.


Yes, it was flagged and I got a notification that it has been reported as spam by the community, and it was hidden. So, I wasn’t brave enough to edit and reposting it as the community already reported it as spam. Maybe, I misunderstood or got confused with the notification. Thanks for the info.

Okay, if everyone is cool with it, as an individual, I can get used to it too. At least, to make the forum more versatile and crowded! :smiley:

That’s just the same thing I asked for, I just did with casual words. And, here we are, you gotta let people post anything according to their experience even though they are completely aware of the outcomes and why they are posting in the first place! :wink:

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Though I can’t see any post in that thread where anyone said everyone in a Fiverr category is scammer.

The OP was mostly talking about one seller who he thought didn’t give him what he asked for or didn’t do the job he claimed he would. That’s not calling everyone in the category a scammer.

If someone doesn’t believe something (eg. that something is possible) a discussion could be the best place to show them if/how it is true. eg. they could be shown evidence of it being true if it is, eg. scientific test results that show it to be true if applicable.

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Like it or not, people slander large sections of Fiverr all the time. If you look at review sites, a lot of people slander all of Fiverr. There are also scammers and people with zero skill in every category of Fiverr,

If you want to ban people from complaining publicly about any category, it just going to backfire and make people less likely to trust Fiverr overall.


Forum Rules:

Controversy or entertainment is OK, but not hate speech or calling users/staff/CS a derogatory name.

Scammer is a derogatory name.

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I’d say you’ve pushed the boat out there, but it looks more like you have fallen off the jetty.

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From what I’ve seen, the blanket accusations go both ways. Those offering esoteric services often call people who don’t believe in them uneducated and prejudiced (despite having no evidence that would permit them to make such claims).


You used the word “prejudice” less than half an hour ago. You accused the OP of this thread of having prejudiced opinions. It was the last post in that thread, which may have been what encouraged a mod to close it.

That post has since been deleted.