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New! Dutch SEO content optimization (and English too)

So I decided to provide SEO services, feel free to check them out or contact me if you like :slight_smile: Feedback is welcome!


My God! You learn fast. All the best fellow!


If you learn too fast, you forget equally fast.


I agree to disagree :slight_smile:

Any special super powers bro? How did you learn something difficult like SEO that fast…
Just in 22 h… If that’s a joke and you are kidding, I really liked your sense of humor. Create a gig for that.

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Because of my background, I have affinity with it :slight_smile: It’s not completely unknown to me. Why the hate.

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I’m looking for a experienced SEO specialist who can get me started with some practical straight forward tips or gigs that I could start with.

Anyone willing to help me out a bit?

So you were looking for an SEO specialist 22h ago for tips and was eager to get a good foundation and you found all that within 22h? I am lost…

Yes! I also got orders too and you can see they are satisfied with the work I delivered. Problems?

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No problem at all… but don’t expect any buyers from the forum.

Talk about the new gig, dear.

They are both new. Anyways, I don’t really like your attitude. If you don’t have useful criticism then just keep it to yourself. I was just promoting my new gig and I do not see anything wrong with that :wink:

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Oh come on, I was just asking the questions that everyone who saw your yesterday’s post has in their mind. You should be ready for questions like these.

Anyways, Good Luck with your new gig. :four_leaf_clover: :sunny:

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I can understand that :slight_smile: I felt triggered I guess. Anyways, I got some great advice from some people yesterday by putting that post up. Combined with the knowledge I already had I decided to just do it and it worked out for me. Some people learn from reading but it does not work like that for me. If I read I forget it easily, but when I actually DO the actual work that’s what I’m able to process and remember (a bit of a TL;'DR) but ok.

Thank you for the kind words!