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New Evaluation ? When

Hey, When is the Fiverr Evaluation ?

I think it should have been 3hrs ago ?

Is it late for all ? or I missed it ?


It’s either yesterday or today. It will happen when it happens. :yin_yang:


The reason is That. I’m 90% Delivery rate… And tomorrow I think I will be 89% … Haha

That’s why I need it as soon as It could be ^^ Just to maintain my lvl ^^

So I was asking If it’s happened for some sellers…

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No - I’m still waiting, too … :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

Do you guys receive an email when this happens or any notifications? I have the feeling that there are no longer evaluations :smile:

Fiverr send you a notification and an email …

Every month I get that evaluation done at 01:00 pm " +2 GMT " …

that’s the first one that takes that Time from me

I’m just curious about my deliverytime ^^ THat’s my problem ^^

What Is Fiverr Evaluation?

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Here’s an article about it: :wink:

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Got it already.

Level 2 yiha


Can This Effect Our Profile?

Oh, Then Here we go… Waiting for mine …Haha… Let’s hope that I will maintain my lvl ^^

Oh, Then Here we go… Waiting for mine …Haha… Let’s hope that I will maintain my lvl ^^

Already " [virginiabg] " posted a link for Lvls on fiverr. That for sure helps your profile


It affects your level.
Read the article and then read this:


Actually I’m New Seller And I’ve Completed Couples Of Order And After That I Got Waring Due To Some issue I Was Asking About It That It Will Affect My Profile Or Not?

Well, Getting a warning within the last 30 days will prevent you getting a lvl .

Also notice that. Getting 3 warnings may Ban your account.

Thanks Dude You Guy’s Helped Me A lot

Strange…I don’t receive any email from Fiverr any longer about evaluation :expressionless:

You will only receive email from fiverr if your account is either downgraded or upgraded.