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New & Excited to see what opportunities await!

Hi Everyone-

I’m new on Fiverr and in just this short week I have already become super engaged in this awesome community of hard workers!

Wondering if any of you veterans out there could throw out a tip, or best practice that you saw make a difference in your business as you were starting out?

Looking forward to your feedback!!

You find them in the Fiverr Academy.

  1. Tweak gigs constantly, if needed.
  2. Put offers out in buyer request section. / advertise on social media
  3. Repeat

Welcome to Fiverr!

I wouldn’t recommend *advertising in buyers request section.

10 Reasons why you shouldn’t advertise in Buyer Requests

Nice tips :slight_smile:

But, I don’t think you should change your gigs to regularly, maybe once a week. You need time to be able to see if the changes have made a positive or negative affect. If you update to regularly you might miss the golden egg :wink:

He meant replying to buyer requests, not advertise there.

My mistake :smiley:

Your tips are working for me! Thanks :slight_smile: