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New experience (Im new in Fiverr)

Hi everyone, Im Yassine and im new in Fiverr, I’am editor and motion grapher, I worked with many companies (iMall, Naham, Snapdeal, Salla, rawaastore, Adabpost and Darebplus … etc )

Joining Fiverr is a new experience and a new challenge for me, so I have a question for you: How did you get the first customer? How was your first experience with this site? and if any advice you can share with me I would be very happy…

Thank youu for your time


Welcome to Fiverr.


Welcome to fiverr forum…
Best wishes for you


Welcome to Fiverr buddy. Getting your first customer is very tough. But it will happen eventually. Just make sure that you communicate fast and deliver your product quickly as possible. One by one the orders will pile in. My only advice is, when this happens do not change your gig information no matter what. This will make your account un-traceable for the Fiverr algorithm. So keep everything as it is and your account will be alright.


Thank you @ornedanielle

thank youuuu @only_miraz

WELCOME to the FIVERR community,
All the very best for your future journey :smiley:

Thank youuuu @jeffry_designs و I will follow your advice and thank you again for your support and your time…

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Thank youuu @wpexpertsabbir , I hope to succeed in this new and difficult experience :smiley:

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Best of luck for the journey

HI!! Welcome to fiverr forum… Best wishes for your new journey. :grin: