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New experience! Impression going to (324-0)

Hello Fiverr pro, :heart_eyes:
Hope you all are well. Today I will share a new experience with you. Yesterday I had 324 impressions of this gig and 6 clicks :blush:. But surprisingly today its impressions are showing 0 also clicks are showing 0 :sleepy:. Gig is still on the front page as before. You can check the attachment bellow here.

I don’t know what’s going on here. Thanks for your valuable comment :grin:


Wait for a while, it will show the expressions in a while.

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Do you know the exact reason ?

As soon as someone clicks your gig, it doesn’t show to you right then. Means, it takes time to show.

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Today I also face same problem but now it’s ok. Impression and click come back.

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might be a glitch so don’t get worried and wait for some time it will get resolved automatically

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All right, Got it. :heart: :heart:

Oh! How can you solve it?

Okay brother. Thanks for your confirmation!!

It may be for 7 days. If you select 30 days or more then it will be okay

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Okay, Lets see what happened :star_struck:

Hi azmain

Your post read me. Your gig reguarly markating. Your gig some time social media markating day by day…

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Albright! Thanks for your time! :star_struck: