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New Experience that I never thought could happen


One of the buyers gave me rating on the basis of price that we mutually agreed before order. Before winning the order we exchanged a good number of messages to set price and timeline. After completing the task before timeline, I got 3.4 in ratings and "Satisfactory Experience"
Then I asked him why such. He said “Simply put, it was very overpriced”. I was so astonished to get such ratings as we had long conversation to set the price. My question is If he was not happy with the price then why he bought the Gigs?
Is there any answer here in fiverr forum? What I need to do now?


Perhaps he felt it was overpriced after receiving it? It does not seem to be affecting you too badly. Your other reviews are great! Don’t let one review get you down; there’s always that one person.


IMHO - Your mistake was the good number of conversations you had with the Buyer. That let him know that you don’t value your time and you’re desperate for a Buyer. When you truly realize that your time, energy and creative skills have a value then so will your Buyers.

Whatever you do, don’t reduce rate.


If there is a huge number of conversations for a $5,- gig I agree, otherwise absolutely not. I’m in no way desperate for orders and I take all the time needed to communicate with the buyer before, during and after the project. It’s already calculated the price.
I guess you will would also have a total different conversation at the Lamborghini dealer compared to VW, and I don’t believe the first one would be desperate in some way.


We agreed on $50. Now he is saying, "I’m glad you were able to get the job done with efficiency. But if it’ll cost me $50 for a simple task “quoted” at $5, I wouldn’t like to use it again."
Now should I refund $50 to get my 5 star back?


You wouldn’t even be guaranteed the review is removed if you did refund. Since the order was marked complete, the buyer has to agree in writing to have the review taken off or changed. You could try offering him more work or something else in exchange for a change in the rating or you could try the refund.

Your other option is to approach customer support with screen shots of the agreement and then screen shots of him saying it was due to price. You would have to appeal to CS with the argument that you delivered what you promised and the rating was unfair. That would still be a challenge to prove since a rating above 3 is still technically considered positive, but it doesn’t hurt to try it.

Bottom line, sooner or later you are going to get unfair ratings. IMHO, if it drags your percentage below 95% positive, it is probably worth most actions to get it removed. If your ratings are still above that, especially if at least 98%, you can recover just fine and keep your money. You’ll just need more sales and more 5 star ratings and your percentage will rise and the 3.4 star will go out of site. Some buyers will even trust you a little more if they can tell you got your realistic reviews from real buyers.


Thanks for message. My positive ratings is still 100% so I am going to keep the money instead refunding. I will approach both CS and customer end to get all 5 star back.


Why did you have long conversations about the price? Were you trying hard to convince the buyer to spend more money?

I have never had a long conversation with anyone about my prices. If someone needs to have a long conversation about spending only $50 it means they don’t want to pay that much and I would prefer to not work with them if they are reluctant to spend the amount I tell them. I do not try to talk them into spending more, or spend time on long conversations about the price. You had a good clue the buyer was not happy with spending $50.


Noted. Thanks.


According to your explanation here, it’s quite obvious from the onset that the buyer wasn’t really happy spending that much for the order and that actually brought about long conversation before winning him to order your gig. Since, you’re still maintaining 100% rating, I’ll advise you to forge ahead and don’t let that weigh you down at all. Take note of the lesson learned with this experience to guide against the similar future occurrence.
You can still try your luck using fiverr customer support services by submitting the screen-shots of all the conversations had with your buyer and see if they could be of help.


I would have to agree with graphic_don. I recently thought I was helping someone, but got my first 4-star review. This person’s writing in both the communication and the work itself was so full of anger I wondered if I should take the gig. I should have gone with my gut and canceled the order. That I got as high as 4 stars from her is a good sign, but other buyers will know that when they shop for gigs like mine.

People who come to you complaining will leave you complaining.


Good Suggestion. Thanks.


First congrats on breaking the $5 dollar barrier, many on Fiverr have a hard time to up sell in a natural and comfortable way, and to the point where they paid. I’m sorry about your review, I know its hard to work with some people but make your intentions clear up front since that is an important factor. Make it clear, you work for not just money but to earn those five stars. Upfront, always.

Here are some things that come into “feeling” when I read your situation. I apologize for generalizing concepts here but I have to given my time limits today.

  1. Up selling is NOT about the price, its about making the customer feel comfortable in working with you, in getting to know you for you so that they start honoring the work they do with you to either have the desire and wants to know about how they can get more from your already amazing value or to turn them from customer/client to advocate to make it worth to you more in the long term with referrals from them.

  2. Focus on the goals of the client, break through the business attitude and get to know your client from a similar perspective that you might have discovered through your conversations.

  3. When you are on the higher end of selling things on Fiverr, you will get 50% of your customers who must have conversations. Have as many “pre-set” conversation answers that are close ended to automate the conversation process and always end with “lets give it a shot” “lets give it a go” “lets get started” “I’m ready, when you are ready lets start on the order” “order when ready my friend!” Most of my customers don’t realize I have “canned” answers and responses, and think they are having a conversation with me. Put in some jokes in your automatic responses, you want to work with and happy people and everyone has the capacity to laugh its part of our nature. Everyone will always remember a good recent joke and will remember you.

  4. Create a memory with your customer, that you and them share, in working together even if its virtual, it always helps them come back for more. Talk about how much you enjoyed the end product and result and how it affected you in the making and production. Focus on the customer client relationship and customer satisfaction, bring up your important points of the transaction, during this end of the completion phase, the important parts to you, say things like “I hope this will earn me those five stars! lol”… “if not don’t be afraid to hit the request modification button!” again focus on making them comfortable and at the end recognize that their time and invested was worth it and important too. Remember every is important and show them that, $5 dollar or $50 dollars, so they forget how much they paid… :slight_smile:

Okay I got to go finish some orders! :slight_smile:

Good luck my friend!


I like the way you suggesting me. Specially “Put in some jokes in your automatic responses”. I will use them next. :slight_smile:


You should learn to ask your buyers for his/her budget before negociating. If you should bill a buyer on the high side without giving more than expected, you’ll definately receive a bad reeview. I’ve had same experience but i’ve also learnt from it. Try it!


We had some conversation between us regarding pricing. We agreed on the price. After agreeing I have sent him the custom offer. So,he can’t give me low rating on the basis of pricing as he clearly told me after asking the reason.


same experienced that happen on me as a seller, now I can not do offer " you must have at least 90% positive rating to make new offers! ", what should I eat now if I can not do the offer. I got 1.4 in ratings from 3 perfect projects in 1 order. Buyers need to “grow-up” and not playing the sellers.


It’s gonna happen, the question is, why did you exchange a good number of messages? You got to control your buyers, not let them control you.

“Hi, I was wondering if you can sacrifice a cow to Jupiter?”

“Yes! I will sacrifice a cow for $10, and deliver in 3 days. Go ahead and order”

See? It’s easy, you can even send them a custom quote. The only exception are those Chatty Cathy’s that want to play 20-questions. Sometimes you can anticipate them by uploading a sample of a job you did for someone else.


I agree with what you said. But the thing about fiverr, is that its called “fiverr” - people come here when they want to spend very little money. We all know of places we can go where what we need done is expensive. When times our tough we see if we can find it here. (I am a seller + buyer). Just a perspective and observation.

Too late to change the domain name, but… “” is now what it is.


I love the way you said " Don’t let one review get you down; there’s always that one person " :slight_smile: