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New Experience that I never thought could happen


Mate, If your communication is good then you can take $5 order to $50 and If a buyer leaves a negative review you can convince him to change the review as well. All depends on how you communicate.


(You shouldn’t put your gig links in this category saying peoples to visit them.)


I’m a buyer and I disagree, if the seller doesn’t reply to every question I have,I see that as lack of communication, and if they try to keep the conversation short,I feel that they’re rushing me to buy because they only care about the fee. But that’s my opinion


I actually contacted a seller based on their review and told him what I want done and asked him how much it’s going to cost, then he uttered those words “what’s your budget?”, my next reply was this “I though you charged me a price based on your work not based on my budget” , and took my business elsewhere. I believe a job should cost the same whether my budget is $5 or $500, you should ask for what it’s worth. That’s how I feel as a buyer,but if it’s working for you,that’s great.


I am both a seller and a buyer here. I also leave sellers that focus too much on price- or more to the point seems to “deliberately” misunderstand what I am asking. But as a seller. There have been some conversations with buyers (Fiverr demands that we response) where they are clearly done gathering information, yet- here I am forced into a position of having to have the last word or get dinged in the response algorithms.