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New Explainer Video Gig Not Appearing in the New Section - Does This Happen Often?

Hi All,

I’ve just launched my third gig after three weeks of creating it. It’s a new explainer video that is one minute in length and includes a choice of character and has unique characters that I had created specifically for fiverr. My last two gigs automatically appeared in the new section when they were loaded and also feature in the subcategory for Video and Animation.

This video, my pride and joy, was in the new section for just two hours and was then taken out. I haven’t seen it listed anywhere else and Fiverr support say that I should follow the guidelines specified here in the forum in order to have my gig marketed by them.

I did a huge amount of research before launching this video gig, creating something totally unique, listening to what my other buyers asked for, took time on my description and my title along with my keywords and my images. The video itself is totally different to what others are offering as I don’t make use of the usual softwares.

Can someone help me figure out what I’ve done wrong with this offer. My first two gigs, I didn’t spend as much time on and they were promoted wonderfully. I would appreciate any input anyone has to offer.

Here is my gig link…

Thanks so much in advance!

Kindest, Jeanne (Videoltl)

I need one of these…ordering now!

Thank you so much. I’m so glad that people can see the value of the video, I just wish I knew what fiverr wanted.

I have just got a reply from support to say that they are now handing it over to the tech department, so it seems that there is a technical issue with the gig and not something wrong with the actual gig itself as the first support staff led me to believe. - thank goodness for that.