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New feature added to Fiverr feedbacks?


I can see a new feedback icons made available under customer feedback’s on my seller profile. Is this is a new feature?
If so, what does this imply? Even I can hover around the icon and provide my feedback despite me being the user of the profile.

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This looks like something other sites with feedback have. A potential customer going through your feedback reads either a well written review that pushes them over the line to order from you OR is a bunch of gibberish that doesn’t help them make any sort of decision to order from you.

This is for potential clients who read the reviews. It is weird though that YOU can choose helpful/not helpful. I never look at my feedback so, I wouldn’t even bother with it.


wow what is that:? :face_with_monocle:

This is a pretty harmless feature. I think they might be trying to select “Relevant” reviews this way. That being the reviews that influenced a buyer’s decision in one way or another.


Well, can anyone say if a review is relevant or not?

Then it can easily be abused, as maleficent people can say only the bad reviews were relevant and downvote the good ones. I don’t really like this, you can easily see if a review is relevant for yourself or not, there’s no need to press a button to show that…

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My relevant reviews work as a perfect filter of all “less than 5*” reviews I get most of the time, with or without this feature. Whatever they’re doing, it’s not something to make sellers look too good anyway. :slight_smile:

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There are a lot of features to rate things about sellers now. It seems like multiple ways to sabotage sellers. I remember years ago, the best review was prominently placed in huge letters on a seller’s profile.

  • reviews

  • secret reviews

  • most relevant review is on top

  • rate each review as helpful or not helpful

I would like to see a new feature that helps sellers close the sale. Go back to placing the best review in a large font on our profile. That would be my one wish.

Imagine the person who places a deliberately sabotaging review on a seller’s profile because of being mad they blocked you and then coming back to rate it most helpful to make sure it stays on top. Yes there are people like this who leave reviews. There are people who buy a seller’s gig just to leave a bad review, because they decided to get revenge for being blocked, or taking some other comment as an insult that deserves punishment and revenge.


that’s cool ,hope I can also familiar with this after next order and review

I’m not the healthiest person when it comes to anxiety and paranoia but fiverr seriously underestimates how malicious certain buyers can be just because they can.

Again, we had someone actively trying to ruin seller’s profile on seller’s birthday over a $5 order and arguing with others on here for a week that it was okay to do so.


It definitely seems some of their approach enables people to take action on grudges.

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Narcissistic injury:

A narcissistic injury occurs when narcissists react negatively to perceived or real criticism or judgment, boundaries placed on them, and/or attempts to hold them accountable for harmful behavior. It also occurs when a person does not accommodate a narcissist’s insatiable need for admiration, special privileges, praise, etc. The “injury” also shows up when the narcissist over over-amplifies and personalizes benign interpersonal interactions,

The “injury” is often followed by the narcissist’s loss of control over his or her emotional equanimity, and a subsequent burst of passive or overtly aggressive vindictive responses. (quoted from psychcentral. com)

It’s not that uncommon and we are sitting ducks, being out there interacting with a variety of people on a daily basis.


Of course. If I am one of your competitors, I can easily decide that all your 1-star reviews are more relevant than your 5-star reviews. I can also convince my FB group of people who share likes of the same thing.

Dark side of things aside, no. It is not possible for people to decide if a review is helpful. I do read Amazon reviews on products before I buy them. However, Fiverr doesn’t seem to be able to understand that most things for sale here aren’t tangible. In this case, reviews ae almost always subjective.

Lol. Fiverr has clearly forgotten how well it worked out when they replaced likes with upvotes and down votes on the forum. How long did that last, 12-hours?


I have a gig with nothing but 4 and 5 star reviews for seven years. I blocked someone who was hostile because I wouldn’t give an interview. Next, an order is placed that gives off multiple red flags and sure enough, a bad lengthy review follows.

In spite of seven years of nothing but good reviews, for at least a week, that two star review was on top as the “most relevant”. And why was it placed as “most relevant”? Because it was ELEVEN rows long. It’s the longest review I’ve ever seen.
And is it just a coincidence that the longest review is the one chosen as most relevant in this case? Or did this person deliberately do that?


Oh, I’ve noticed that, too. Like if someone goes on a tangent, they’ll reveal your evil ways to the public to fight for the marketplace’s integrity. Relevant reviews tend to be 2+ rows long at least.


I remember getting every post of mine hammered by down votes almost instantly after they were posted and I knew who was doing it. He got banned from voting finally as he was doing that to lots of people.

There are those who thrive on having such a convenient method of hurting sellers. It feeds them a much needed boost of some kind. While there are probably sellers who are envious of other sellers, it’s probably more common that it’s a random person who was “injured” or insulted somehow by some interaction.

Usually legitimate bad reviews are short and to the point about exactly what went wrong I’ve noticed.

Hopefully the up and down votes are simply a test. Otherwise sellers are doomed to have bad reviews on top most of the time as these types go around hammering on up votes on all the one star reviews.

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I don’t have a lot of them, but normally people really want to bash you with a negative review, so they tend to be very detailed and those reviews are rather long…

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Great Feature. Hope this’ll be benefited for everyone.