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New Feature Alert: Meet the Length Calculator

Hey Sellers,

We’re happy to announce the launch of a new feature called the Length Calculator! It’s currently live in Voice-Overs and Proofreading & Editing.

The Length Calculator is an awesome new tool that gives buyers accurate price quotes instantly from your Gig page, and still lets you have total control over your pricing. It makes it super simple to price length-dependent services so that buyers no longer need to purchase “multiple” Gigs based on their word count.


Length Calculator Before


Length Calculator After
Here’s how it works:

  1. You define the amount of words included in your base Single or Triple Gig Package price and your rate for additional words.

  2. When buyers browse your Gig Package, they can enter the word count of their requested services into the Length calculator.

  3. The calculator provides an instant, accurate price quote.

Check out the full tutorial:

Remember: the Length Calculator tool is available only on Gig Packages (single or triple). If you haven’t upgraded your Gig to a Package already, do it now to enjoy this solution that will reduce cancellations, streamline communications with buyers, and allow you to price your Gig at more than $5. Now you can focus more on doing what you do best: selling your services.

Questions? Comments? Discuss below!

Why will it only be usable with Gig Packages activated?

Fantastic feature!!! Thank you :). It’s probably only a matter of time until it will be available in different categories as well such as translations, writing etc…

Finally, the length calculator has arrived–a tool that men have been using since time immemorial to guesstimate size to the nearest, uh…


You called it the length calculator tool, so I reckon it was fair game for sniggering in the back. I like it! My only question is when will this be extended to all writing and translation categories?