New feature: Automatic order cancellation


I have noticed, after a new user interface was introduced, any late order would be automatically cancelled, leaving you the old styled thumb-down rating.

A couple of my recent orders cancelled due to this (late delivery). In one of the cases, I was lucky to have conversation with a buyer outside order page (on Fiverr messaging system), and he told me, he didn’t intend to cancel the order even if it was late, and it got cancelled automatically. Now, he is going to re-initiate the order and pay me for my efforts.

In an another case, I was only communicating with a buyer on the order page, and just before the deadline, I asked him, if I could get few more days more than my normal delivery time. He said it’s OK, and the task is not time sensitive. But, due to automatic order cancellation, I am not able to contact the buyer, as I didn’t correspond with him outside order page. Now, I have to wait and see, if the buyer contacts me, or thinks I have cancelled the order. That means a loss of good and considerate customer.

I feel Fiverr should not cancel the orders automatically, and allow buyers to do that. This way, sellers and buyers can agree on continuing the order with mutual agreement, if the order is not time sensitive.

Cancelling order, and cutting off conversation with buyer would neither help sellers, nor buyers nor Fiverr in any way.


Well , It is depends upon your services. If you don’t deliver services/products to them on time. They have right to cancel their order. Any type of cancellation will have a negative impact on business so I will suggest you to avoid any type of order cancellation.


I have not seen the system cancel like that: thank you for alerting us here Ramesh


I wish I felt the same way about cs - when my $300 were knicked from my account- nothing - nada - no interest in retrieving the funds ever!


Thanks for the update.


An update: I got a reply within a couple of hours from CS. They have removed a negative rating on one of my orders, so I am back with 100% rating for that gig. Yay!!!

For the other order, since I was not able to contact the buyer, they give me a link, which enabled me to contact the buyer. I have requested the buyer to give his consent for removing the negative rating, so, if he does that, CS will remove it.

I learned from CS that they are not allowed to contact the buyer for removing a negative feedback, so, seller has to get the consent and update CS team.

I also asked CS, what was their criteria for removing the negative rating for the first order, but they said, it’s confidential, and they cannot disclose it. They review the order, and apply their own rules.

Anyway, I must praise CS team for being so prompt, and helpful, as always. This was my 10th ticket, and all my previous tickets were resolved to my satisfaction. Okay, I feel, I should have posted the praise in praise section, and not in the ranting pot :slight_smile:


This is an automated message. Again this is nothing new. When the buyer requests a refund on a very late order an automatic 1 star review the Is left by the system and the funds returned to the buyers shopping balance. I’m pretty sure the cs team will advise you of the same.


Were these automatically cancelled 24 hours after the Gigs were due? From what I have seen, at least in the past, is that buyers do not have the option to cancel due to tardiness until 24 hours has gone by after the due date. I wasn’t on the computer over the weekend and my queue was clear, and when I came back today, saw a regular of mine had ordered a Gig (with Extra Fast delivery!) and I was an hour late in delivering. It was NOT auto cancelled on me and I was able to get her the Gig about 2 hours late. So, I wonder what the deal is you are experiencing and what time frame these auto cancellations are happening?



Reply to @ramesh_samane: Thanks for letting us know.


Submitted a ticket to CS. Will update you guys once I hear from them.

ramesh_samane said: I don't think this is coincidence.

Seems like your best option is to contact CS and ask them directly.


@ozzieuk: At first I did think, the buyer cancelled the order, but it was not the case, and it got cancelled automatically, though the system says buyer cancelled it.

Here is the message I got “cancelled order. seller failed to deliver on time!”. This looks like an automated message, as for both of my orders that got cancelled, the message is “exactly” the same. I don’t think this is coincidence.

One of my buyers clearly says, he didn’t cancel the order, and the another one with whom I lost the cotanct, did indicate he is OK with late delivery, and wants me to take my time completing it.


If you don’t deliver on time your buyer has the opportunity to cancel the order, this isn’t anything new. My suggestion would be to deliver on time to avoid your buyers cancelling in you.

The order cancellation is not automatic, it has to be initiated by the buyer.

francoisparsons said: Well , It is depends upon your services. If you don't deliver services/products to them on time. They have right to cancel their order. Any type of cancellation will have a negative impact on business so I will suggest you to avoid any type of order cancellation.
That's a very simplified view of how things should be. Unfortunately, there are many things that can happen on the Fiverr platform that can make it impossible. Buyers often order gigs without reading the description; the descriptions themselves may be confusing or misleading; sometimes the buyer or the seller stops communicating entirely.

There are times when a cancellation - mutual or forced - is the best way to resolve a situation.


An update again: Negative rating on my second order also got removed by CS. Buyer didn’t have any issues with late delivery, and offered me to help remove the negative rating. Buyer also shown an interest to re-initiate the order.

Now, I am back to 100% ratings on both of my gigs :slight_smile:

@itsyourthing: You’re right. Fiverr system is not geared towards IT/Programming jobs. These kinds of jobs require a different schedules based upon the complexity, and the size of the task.

If the task requires more time than our normal delivery time, I always make it clear with buyers before they place an order, that the task would take more time (I give them a rough estimation about it). But, due to Fiverr rules, the buyers can cancel the order if it goes beyond normal delivery time, in spite a seller made it clear in the beginning.

I think, the best way in those situations is to contact CS, and ask them look at your communication with the buyer, and remove any forced negative rating.

With my current experience, I am sure that CS team would do that.

I love working with Fiverr, as they promote your gig in the best possible ways, and help you get the orders. Their CS team is excellent. I only hope, they would take some measures against PP chargebacks, and protect sellers. I hope, that would happen some day.

ramesh_samane said: With my current experience, I am sure that CS team would do that.
I'm very glad things are working out for you. I hope you continue to have much success. :)


@itsyourthing: Thanks! :slight_smile: I wish you too a great success. Cheers!!!


Reply to @ramesh_samane: Thanks!