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New feature Available NOW Option not found yet in my profile

Hey there,

It’s really great to help the seller for earning more by this option. But unfortunately this option not yet i get in my profile. I asked some of my friends Available Now option and some of them said they get this option and some of are not ! Those who get this potion they said that it really helpful. I am trying to find the reason but sill i can’t. If you have any idea then please let me know!


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If you spend a bit of time looking at all the forum posts regarding Available Now (by doing a simple search), you’ll soon find out that this feature is in Beta testing, which means only a select group of people have this feature.

Once the feature goes out of Beta testing, everyone will have it. Till then, you will have to wait patiently for it to be tested :wink:

P.S. don’t get your hopes too high, because this feature doesn’t guarantee you sales or more earnings - you are still in charge of getting sales. I know a few people who’ve used this feature without any success - I even tried it myself and haven’t seen any difference whatsoever.


That is the first good news I’ve heard in a while, not that it didn’t help you but that it is not getting everyone massive sales while mine are in a slump. Thank you.


Weal it’s really cool on Fiverr. They trying something different to improve the market place.

Recently I am not found Available Now option. Is here anyone to help me?

There isn’t available now anymore, also this thread is from last year, you didn’t need to resurrect it

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If you did a simple search on the forum regarding the Avaibale Now option, you would realize that the feature has been removed. It was only in Beta testing and Fiverr then decided not to take it further.

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