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New Feature: Choose Your Own Video Thumbnail!

Say goodbye to those awkward facial expressions! We’ve added a new feature that enables you to to set a specific second in the video to choose a video image that will appear on your Gig page.

To change your thumbnail just go to your Gig edit page, pause your video and then click ‘set as preview’. That will set the second you selected as the video’s preview.



This is great Natalie - a really highly requested feature. It’d be more great though if you could provide some info on the structured order requirements feature you announced last week which has now stopped working…

That’s awesome, but I’m going to miss those awkward, mid sentence facial expressions.

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Finally! Just when I was contacting support to fix it for me, lol :slight_smile:

I have needed this feature for a while… thank goodness…

but i love the “half open mouth, half closed eyes” look

Reply to @m2webs: Yes! I had sent a message to support a couple of weeks ago and knew it wasn’t a high priority so I just chalked it up for the time being. Then today I get this fabulous news in an email! Very happy about this feature. Let’s hope this is a start of more good things.

That’s great … Thank You Fiverr,


Thank You, It’s great

Nice. I need to go change all my videos now, haha.

Yes!!! This is wonderful news!

Awesome. Another feature added that I didn’t find out about until a week later.

Reply to @phoenix7813: Yeahh, it doesn’t work all too well depending on the type of video as I have had some “technical” issues where it blurred my image but for the most part it works amazing!

Yes, this feature awesome…


Awesome! This is what I’ve been waiting for.


Thank you!

Now my gigs can look like I’m not eating people :slight_smile:

@deanstokes, @kjblynx, @accessgirl, @m2webs, @fonthaunt, @year2005, @beccadex, @zimron89, @rocks_design, @seo_teams, @freelancemm, @coolandcute, @phoenix17813, @mmsolutionsltd, @socialsuperr I wish I would’ve seen your thumbnails… we should’ve make a funny collection of them :slight_smile:


Finally :smiley: great job

I love this feature - and so easy to use!