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New Feature: Delivery Comments [ARCHIVED]

We’re excited to announce an easy new way for for buyers and sellers to discuss revision options after an order is delivered.

With Delivery Comments, buyers can add comments within delivered JPEG and PNG image files. Providing sellers with an easier view of requested revisions for feedback.

This feature is currently open across all categories for png and jpeg file deliveries. For more details on how Delivery Comments works, click here.

Have you used this feature already? Share your feedback in the comments below.

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This feature is really awesome, helpful for sellers especially. :slight_smile:
Great update, Fiverr keep it up.

I did not see it yet

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You can see this when someone ask for modification from you or the modification is asked by you as a buyer.

that’s sounds great,

I have read new idea in fiverr, but i did not see it yet , if it is really for seller then it is very good future from every seller

WoW, This is cool stuff.

Yeah! It’s nice to know about this. Go fiverr!

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my buyer left comment but I can’t see it


You will need to review the buyer before you can see the review he/she left for you. That’s how the review process works here on Fiverr. All reviews are blind reviews.

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